If JWs have the truth, then Satan must be God...

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  • agonus

    OK, see if you can follow my logic here...

    According to the WT/GB/.F&DS, Jehovah, the Almighty God of the universe, speaks through them and ONLY them.

    According to those same men, once a person is no longer a JW, they are directly under Satan's control.

    BUT, if that IS in fact true...

    WHY is it that Witnesses, who have the ALMIGHTY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE (vis a vis WT) behind them, are UTTERLY POWERLESS in the face of even the most simple challenge to their faith from XJWs, who are backed by Satan?

    Why is the only response from Jehovah's SOLE representative on earth against these challenges, "Don't look, don't listen, don't touch", instead of providing them with spiritual ammunition, i.e. logic and reason, against these challenges?

    Why is Jehovah so utterly impotent against damaged little XJW maggots?


    If the WT is true, and all the above are true by implication, then we must be forced to come to one inescapable conclusion...

    Satan is apparently more powerful - FAR more powerful - than Jehovah.

    Therefore, logic must follow that Satan, being the more powerful entity, MUST be God, not Jehovah.

    That is... IF JWs have the truth...

    But that's not MY Jehovah.

    MY Jehovah has the answers to anything... ANYTHING... Satan could possibly throw at me.

    And it is for that reason that I can confidently state...

    JWs DO NOT have the truth.

  • Chalam


    Jeremiah 10:5-6 (New International Version)

    5 Like a scarecrow in a melon patch,
    their idols cannot speak;
    they must be carried
    because they cannot walk.
    Do not fear them;
    they can do no harm
    nor can they do any good."

    6 No one is like you, O LORD;
    you are great,
    and your name is mighty in power.



  • frankiespeakin

    Sounds like your going gnostic on us:

    Accord to Gnosticism-> Jehovah was the creator god but any creator god is a real fuck up or evil.

  • agonus

    Hey, I didn't know scarecrows were in the Bible! Cool!

    "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"


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