How to find JW Appologist and Other JWs on the Internet?

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  • frankiespeakin

    I know a favorite pastime past time for some XJWs is to try and deprogram JWs on the Internet, it is a way of neutralizing the WT restricted access to the faithful through disfellowshipping and getting information to them or to neutralize their witnessing influence on the Internet.

    I'm not into that sort of thing but would like to pass on this idea that I have used to find information using google search engine that might prove helpful.

    First go over to the WT web site and use their search engine and type in a subject that you think a JW would cut& paste on the net in order to witness.

    Then grab a sentence or two from what your search pulls put it in "For centuries the Bible has endured criticism and attack. Time and again the Bible text has been vindicated. " (Don't forget to use quottation marks)then put it in the google search engine and you will find where they the JW's are using it and then you can engage them, thus defeating another tactic of the WT information restriction process.

    This is the page my search turn up just with this one quote.

    I'm sure many here have better ways they would like to share if so please do.

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