mischievious tricks and cunning plans

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  • leo999

    I am in the process of reading Steve hassans Combatting Cult mind control and I'm wondering has anyone here resorted to underhand , sneeky ways to free their loved ones from the JW's ? How far would you go to free them ? Also has anyone enjoyed playing tricks to get back at the elders , ie dropping cig ends in the KH and dropping apostate tracts in suitcases etc etc

  • moshe

    I have done a lot of counter/WT stuff over the years. I don't recommend it for the weak-hearted. A few years ago I dropped off some flyers at the home of a JWN's mother. She hadn't spoken to him in years. I must have droped 5 or 6 things off at her home- I just stuck them in the door. Now he could have done that himself, but didn't want to- he was afraid he would get caught. Many JW's like being JW's and they are not ready to leave. Good luck in helping them out, but don't push it. The best thing to do is to live a good life apart from the KH, have fun make new friends and show the bros and sisters that you are not the least bit lonely without their company.

    Welcome and we would like to hear your story!

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