Realizing and Accepting the Inherent Corruption of the Watchtower Corporation, Probably the Best Tangible Reason to Leave it

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  • Finkelstein

    One thing that people have today that others in past didn't is the inter-net and the available information that can be derived from it. The foundational history of the WTS. from the late 1800's throughout the 20th century is now quite easily obtainable for anyone with a computer and the inter-net.

    One thing that can be observed is that the WTS. from its earliest beginnings had its critics coming from all directions and sources some religious and not. When J Rutherford took over the organization this is when the real power structure of the organization started to develop . This self proclaimed pseudo judge grabbed a hold of the organization with all of its containing wealth and power and utilized it for his own self opportunistic personal agenda.

    The really deep problem though was at its core doctrines which were founded on false misinformation of construed doctrines, which didn't have any bible support or either outside secular support. So the organization grew itself from exploiting people's ignorance concerning bible interpretation and perhaps appealing to their emotional insecurities .

    Nevertheless from out of that beginning power structure the organization developed itself into a broader semblance of power from DO's , CO's Congregational elders and so forth. A pyramid formation of power was created to hold together the organization and rules and regulatory laws were eventually handed down to maintain that power structure.

    One of these rules and laws created was the DFing policy on to those that were deemed too problematic and injurious for the organization. people were now being carefully watched closely to their activities and everyone was suppose to watch out (spy) to ones who weren't adjusting themselves to the controlling directives of the top president or GB members .

    Gradually there was becoming a very high controlling organization that watched how you were dressed to the length of your hair, to who you associated with, to what you read and what music you listened to. Everything and anyone could be a potential evil spirit trying to attack and weaken your life saving righteous spirituality. To this day most JWS are in a state of fear induced paranoia about most things in their daily lives, in fear of those evil spirits and those evil spirits can be anywhere from other churches to outside community organizations ( ie. Boy and Girl Scouts ) any government institutions or any outside charitable organizations, even your own family members who aren't JWS themselves. The WTS leaders had intensionally devised this to garner direct support for their organization alone in a very selfish self assuming way.

    A true and faithful JWS is to talk, look and behave accordingly to the specific design of the top leaders to formulate a outside appealing image around the organization and then stamp their directives as Jehovah's appeasing choice.

    That may look good from an outside perspective but inside is where you find all the false conniving and coercive doctrines.

    People are being drawn in by disingenuous means and rigidly conformed mostly on provocation, fear and ignorance.

  • Finkelstein

    One thing that does stand out but not necessarily unique with the JWS is there a social awareness of being watched all the time, which for some can some turn into crippling paranoia. How much your doing in service and how many talks your giving and your volunteer work. Everyone is kept on their toes . This is quite a different situation going to other churches where people are just happy to see you and dont pry so much into your personal lives as much.

    ......And this really comes apparent when someone is being scrutinized by elders who want to publicly sack someone within their congregations.

    The term Natzi elders gets occasionally used.

  • Oubliette

    Finklestein: To this day most JWS are in a state of fear induced paranoia about most things in their daily lives

    That is a very accurate assessment of the mental/emotional condition of most JWs. The requisite hyper-vigilance is emotionally crippling and physically damaging.

  • Finkelstein

    Did the WTS leaders intensionally make this involving element of fear to not only allure people into their religion but also to get people to distribute the literature that the WTS produced, as well shape and design these ones into their own sales representatives ?

    .......time is running out !

    ....... this system of things is coming to its end !

    .......Jesus right now is invisibly watching you toward your faithfulness,

    through his chosen earthly organization the WTS !

    I think so yes !

  • Vidiot

    In fact, simply realizing that the WTS is no better than any other religion is as solid a kicker as coming to the awareness of corruption, sex abuse, etc.

    After all, once one realizes that they aren't God's special crew (negative aspects notwithstanding), what incentive is there really to stay?

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers
    The first time I looked into a bound volume and saw that what I had in print had been changed.....I knew something was amiss.
  • Finkelstein

    The doctrines of the WTS have always changed right back since the late 1800's.

    The agenda at hand for this organization is to attract people to the organization's published goods by exploiting the basic belief in the bible to forward that pressing agenda.

    It is done specifically to maintain a sense of viability and support that alluring illusion.

    The engaging concept of mind control is very much the stronghold to how the WTS., operates and conducts itself.

    Proclaiming their teachings as Jehovah's spiritual guiding word and direction is just self supporting that expressive illusion.

  • Watchtower-Free

    A way to prove the Jehovah's Witnesses are a false cult is pointing out
    their pervasive secrecy and insistence on not being held responsible or accountable
    for their actions and words.

    The Governing Body has put in print in the secret Elders book that elders are not
    to let themselves be recorded either in 2 on 1 meetings with congregation members
    or during the secret closed doors Judicial meetings.

    This is their attempt to suppress accurate information and a way for them to avoid
    accountability and responsibility for their actions.

    It also dishonestly handy caps the congregation member in that they have no witnesses to what
    the Elders actually do. The Elders have each other as witnesses and can therefore say whatever
    they want.

    This is a dishonest unchristian practice right from the Governing Body leaders proving they
    are scheming and dishonest.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Finkelstein


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