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  • Farkel

    When I was a braindead dubbie we used to say "there are NO Jehovah's Witnesses in prison." Of course, that was true, but once again as JWs are so fond of doing, it was also a lie by omission of fact. As soon as a criminal Jehovah's Witness was convicted, he was disfellowshipped. By the time he ended up in prison, he wasn't a Jehovah's Witness!

    Is this true today? I mean are ALL dubs DFd if they are convicted of a crime, or are there dubs in prison who are not DFd? Could they be reinstated while in prison?

    Curious minds need to know these things.


  • lepermessiah

    Well, I know of several prisoners who were baptised in prison, and are still there......

    They studied with an elder I know.

    I only know of 2 cases where the people were sent to prison and not disfellowshipped.....

    Both were consciencious objectors during Vietnam.

    Hasnt there been some abuse cases where the congregation did not disfellowship due to the lack of 2 witnesses rule, but the courts convicted them?

  • Stealth

    Now the JWs have elders go into the prisons and convert convicts to JWs. They even are allowed to get baptized.

    I know of a JW who was convicted of murder and has not been DF because he denied it and there are not two witness' to the murder.

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