This Week's Book Study - Baptism and Blazing Beezlebub

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  • jgnat

    Hubby should really be more careful when he puts out his books to study. He is a constant source of "fresh" material. This week the study is the first eight paragraphs of the chapter, "Oppose the Devil and His Crafty Acts", or, the wonders of baptism, covered in the book "Keep Yourselves in God's Love". The following sentence leapt off the page, "Since Satan has already devoured the entire ungodly world of mankind, he can now focus on and intensify his attacks on those who have so far eluded him - Jehovah's people."

    There it is; the rest of the "world", aside from the Witnesses, are a lost cause; captive to the spell of the "evil one". I wonder if hubby has connected that this would include me? I love. I oppose evil. How can I be captive to evil and do good at the same time? A house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25). Witnesses, immersed in the "word" from the FDS, wear evil-colored glasses when they look out on the "world", primed to ignore the good and see only the bad.

    Note the juxtaposition of the words devil-baptism-love, taking a joyous event and turning it in to a "divine" war. I don't know about you, but I am sick of wars. Sick of prejudice, fear, misunderstandings, jealousy, greed, robbery, and lashing out at perceived "enemies". It's hard enough to make it in this world without fighting each other. Humanity is at it's best when we help each other.

    I continue the book "The Battle for God: A History of Fundamentalism" by Karen Armstrong. Throughout the book Ms. Armstrong suggests that as soon as a fundamentalist group takes a literal, "scientific" approach to their sacred texts, they run the danger of losing the core message of charity. Instead, Ms. Armstrong maintains, the organization becomes increasingly nihilistic as it embraces a future where mankind is destroyed. She suggests fundamentalism begins as reaction to a rather empty modern society where the spiritual and divine are denied. The wish for complete destruction is more primal and has little to do either with goodness or a desire for a better world. The destruction wish, I think, has a lot more to do with defeatism, fear, and a lack of confidence in our own ability to choose good.

    Anyways, those are my rambling thoughts this morning. It will take a while to process this all and explain it succintly. Ms. Armstrong builds her argument carefully and deliberately; 371 pages of it. I read on.

  • WTWizard

    Let him leave out his books--good material to post from. I also suppose the world is full of evil people, and that nothing good is found there (and nothing bad is found in the witlesses' religion and left unattended to). I can find plenty of incidents among the witlesses, about which they either do nothing or hide with lies and twisting words around, that would embarrass them.

    Among them are the around 25,000 known pedophiles in the religion. It isn't bad enough that they molest children. Very often, they blame the victim. You need two witnesses against the perpetrator, and the pedophile is not dumb enough to bring in another witnesss. You go to the police, you do not have two witnesses to the event, you are liable to get disfellowshipped for "slander". Nothing gets done about the problem.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, there seems to have been a spate of witlesses murdering other people, including babies. There was one incident where a witless was busted eating a baby (that was posted early August). Trouble is, they go through such great lengths to prevent the public from knowing that a witless is actually capable of eating a baby or kidnapping and raping children (and raising the resulting children without education). Obviously, nothing gets done about these extremely sickening and embarrassing situations.

    At least, in the world, if someone eats a baby, there is a damn good chance that they are going to either get the death penalty, or spend their lives in prison. Pedophiles are brought to justice, too. And, those in the world that see fit to help donate their time and energy to help those who, through no fault of their own, fall into hardship do not get punished. Worldly people are also more likely to support you regardless of what you believe in, and to be more reasonable in their demands than witlesses are. Even atheists and Satanists (that believe Satan was righteous and God was wicked) are more likely to respect life of their neighbors than most witlesses are--for sure, nowhere near the evil people that the witlesses like to claim they are.

  • sir82
    How can I be captive to evil and do good at the same time?

    This is exactly why the Society goes to so much effort to redefine words.

    "Good" really means "supporting the Society with your time and money".

    Do you go out in the field ministry? Do you send large amounts of cash to Bethel? No? Then you're not really doing "good".

    They've done similar redefinitions with words like lying, generation, parousia, etc.

  • shamus100

    Good Day, Jgnat. Hope all is well,

    What the botchtower writes and what your hubby believes are two different things. I'm sure in principal he thinks you are, for lack of a better term, crowbait. He probably doesn't think that in reality. He's waiting for you to see the light... and you can. Perhaps if you club yourself on the head hard enough...

    Take care.

  • jgnat

    Do you go out in the field ministry? Do you send large amounts of cash to Bethel? No? Then you're not really doing "good".

    Sir82, now, THAT got me going in a fit of giggles. Ice cream, now that is good. I can taste it. A pink powdery new baby is good. I can smell it. A mature park with emerald grass and gracefully sweeping willows is good. I can see it. (OOPS! Waitaminute. That was in the magazine last month!) A warm motherly squeeze or a firm friendly handshake is good. I can feel it. When good is queezed in to paper, shoeleather and highlighters, how confined is the life!

    Shamus, aren't Witnesses the most PATIENT people? I swear I see a glint of madness in the eyes of the senior witnesses; the ones who have waited PATIENTLY for spouses to reform, children to return to the fold, for their teeth to straighten, bellies to flatten, knees to stop creaking, for the blessed paradise to GET HERE so they wouldn't have to save for retirement, pay a fortune in dentistry, submit to surgery, reconcile with family ....

    Burnaby Park

    I've borrowed the picture from miss604

  • shamus100

    for the blessed paradise to GET HERE so they wouldn't have to save for retirement, pay a fortune in dentistry, submit to surgery, reconcile with family

    I was horrified to witness some people cash in their retirement savings while a dub. Sad, no? What are they going to do when they are retired? Become Wal-Mart greeters? They probably will.

  • chickpea

    the PO when i was "in" used to say
    "theymight seem a good person, but
    are they a wise person in that they
    know jehovah and follow his ways?"...
    evidently a nod and a wink that doing
    good and kind things cannot be taken
    at face value.... if it isnt done by a dub,
    it isnt going to count in a F2F with big daddy

    way to split hairs, bro.... wtf?

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