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  • Tan Hai-chi
    Tan Hai-chi


    I'm writing a book related to the Watchtower and Jehovahs witnesses. The book will be about ex-jws, their experiences as a witness, leaving the religion and what they believe today. I'm looking for people who would like to be interviewed. All people will be asked a set of questions. They can use their real name or have a name change. Their are so many different experiences we have all been through as a witness and leaving the religion. I would like to get as many diverse stories as possible.

    If you are interested in participating please send an email to me. I can either interview you or send you the questions to answer and send back to me.




    [email protected]

  • Balsam

    Well if your brand new to this sight, don't know if anyone would be eager to share their story with you. There is a concern that this stuff gets back to active JW elders who life to act like the Nazi's and hunt down inactive folks so they can disfellowship them. Me I have nothing to hid but have already shared my story with another author who is using it.

    Ruth Baker

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I hope you realize that if and when people "give" you their story you need to have them sign release forms?

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