Watchtower super sales pitch.

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  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    I recently looked at a copy of the Watchtower and read a little of it but it seemed to me that it droned on and on in the same old way decade after decade. However to somebody who is new to their little game I can see that their message would sound plausible because of their clever technique of selling the Watchtower brand of religion. In my eyes the Books and mags. are nothing less than a very tempting sales brochure .I suppose we all have sent away for more information on a must have product and the more we read about it the more tempting the product becomes untill we buy it and eventually the newness goes away so we chase the next dream product.

    Buying into the Witness beliefs though can have a cataclysmic effect which can't be seen at first . Once the novelty dies off and the realisation of what we have let ourself in for emerges, it can be a very serious and sober awakening. All new followers should be aware that there is no scrappage scheme opperating after you wake up to the fact that it's just a JW confidence trick , there is nothing at the end of the road but to say 'Oh Lord what have I done ! '

  • leavingwt

    I forget exactly where I heard this, but I like it and mostly agree with it. . .

    "Anyone who is an active member of a 'Bible-believing' church would never fall for the WT sales pitch."


    The WBT$ can candy coat thier message any way they want..

    It always comes out the same..

    "Join our JW Cult,or God will kill you"..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • WTWizard

    It is all crap. The first time you see it, it looks like you are learning something new. After a few years, it is all the same old crap.

    I have also noticed that all the boasting sessions are like this. You hear it the first time, you think you are learning something new. But, after a year, the boasting sessions begin to all sound the same--the a$$emblies are even worse. You go to one a$$embly, you can safely skip all of them.

  • teel
    The first time you see it, it looks like you are learning something new. After a few years, it is all the same old crap.

    While applying to my current job, a psychologist tested me. Of course, when she found out I was a JW most of her questions revolved around that. I clearly remember her question why have I joined. And the answer was this, above - I mean the first sentence, the second sentence came later to my mind.

    In the beginning I was actually proud to learn about the Bible, and all those answers that philosophy asks for centuries I have them now. So much bitter is the awakening that I still don't have the answers, and all that was left after those years was: sell or die.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    The sales pitch is super clever and they target a certain types of people. Much in the same way the Billy mays adverts target certain audience groups.

    To amuse my wife and MIL, I studied with the MIL for about 4 weeks, a couple of sessions a week. However I soon noticed that the study was not so much of the bible but based on a book called "what does the bible teach us" and I can see why it looks so good to many people and people fall for it.

    To "many" the bible is a big thick book with lots of words and difficult to comprehend. The WTS even promotes this view but with Watchtower magazine and other publications they help you with the answers and make you feel like you "know" the bible and in the process make you think that the only way you can really read it is with their help! Add in to this afterwards the WT then preying on the most basic fears of people. Death and rejection and bingo, they have the perfect hold.

    The problem with me is I tend to suspicious, don't take things on face value and my science research training kicked in and I wanted to see the source and read the supporting documentation! Needless there wasn't any for things such as the 1914 dates and alike. In addition, I read the full text of the chapters and saw amany things taken out of context. Which lead to me asking difficult questions and the MIL stop studying with me and accusing me of not being open and accusations from her of me not knowing the bible!

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