58 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Bangalore
  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Naomi Campbell! you have to be kidding! I was once on a train with her and when it arrived there was no one to greet her and carry her bags! She went MENTAL! Bags and phones flew, and what came out of her mouth! Wow the language!

    I was surprised by Geri Halliwell too!

  • moshe

    The famous list is pretty weak, - let's see the top 50 "most infamous JW's", next. That might be more interesting.

  • spawn

    None of these people are truely famous andif naomi campbell is one then Im applying to be the next Pope.

  • sir82

    Hey wait a minute!

    That list can't be right - there are no "celebrated WT scholars" on it!

  • blondie

    Actually, I believe Naomi's mother, Valerie, is the jw. I don't know what age Naomi when her mother became a jw but I don't think she was ever baptized.


  • dissed

    A JW from Bethel would come out for special talks and share slides of famous past JW's, I think it was Russ Kurzon. He was enamored with these famous people.

    I never quite got the idea of the talk down. What was he trying to teach? The JW's are legit because some famous people took some books?

    I noticed on the list it skipped over many of the well known sports people that quit to becopme JW's, as well as some TV personalties.

    Including Firpo Carr was interesting to me as he was a good friend many years ago. I think he's more famous as a defender of M Jackson on CNN than his books.

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