The Great '75 Fiasco: Pantsuits

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  • TMS

    Being the host congregation for the District Assembly, we were privileged to hear several talks from the convention administrative staff wetting our appetite for the 1975 convention held at Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Arkansas.

    One short-statured brother from the southern part of the state kept exhorting the sisters: "Now, pay attention! There's going to be a dramatic announcement at the assembly that will just thrill you sisters!" As much hype as this was getting, the only speculation that I could conjure up was that sisters might be allowed to speak directly to the audience in the TMS.

    After the meeting, the vertically-challenged speaker could not restrain himself in conversation with Brother P. and myself. "They're gonna let the sisters wear pantsuits!" he gushed.

    On the drive home from the Kingdom Hall that night, I kept thinking how ludicrous this sounded. It seemed like such an inconsequential thing.

    Sure enough one of the assembly talks mentioned pantsuits and post assembly, almost our entire sisterhood wore the polyester creations with the brassy buttons and slightly flared leg. My wife was one of the few exceptions. Of course, "pantsuit" means different things to different people. One sister came to the meeting in sweat pants and a t-shirt.

    Of course, there was a readjustment and return to normal, acceptable attire. The sisterhood had obviously overreacted to a simple statement made at a district convention.

    Does anyone remember this sequence of events?


  • oscartheduck

    Is this going to contain another reference to the surely infamous 1931 Watchtower, which, after the article about cats goes onto an article regarding the do's and don'ts of fashion?

    The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126 "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible "

  • alliwannadoislive

    of course, tms, pants are something different here in the uk ...

  • picosito

    At that same time polyester "leisure suits" were IN for guys. I tried to wear mine onto the platform to give a #2 Bible Reading but was headed off at the pass by my PO prohibiting me from getting up there because a "leisure suit" was "not dignified." As this dedicatedly overweight dude wuz saying that, I could only stare at his humungous panza hanging several inches over his belt and hear over and over in my head the echo of his word "dignified".

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