Court Trial Transcript Of CT Russell & Maria Russell, Pages 10—25

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  • Bangalore

    Court Trial Transcript Of CT Russell & Maria Russell, Pages 10-25


  • dogisgod

    Gross old fart.

  • wobble

    Thanks Bangalore,

    that certainly throws some "New Light" on what Russell was really like, as weak and sinful as the rest of us.

    yet the WT still loves to call him "Brother" Russell, and make him out to be a saint, they would DF him today.



  • TheOldHippie

    Much is said during divorce trials, is it not?

  • moshe

    Pastor Russell should have kept his mouth shut like JW's today. He apparently didn't know about the two witness rule! I can just imagine what kind of dilly-dallying he was doing down at the offfice when they were all alone.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It is interesting that only once did they refer to Rose as a woman. They repeatedly refer to her as a girl. At the time of the trial Rose Ball was married and living in Australia.

    Rose Ball was not a child when she came to live with the Russells. In the thread:

    Leolaia finds proof that Rose Ball was an adult when she went to live with them. Leolaia found official documents, a death certificate, that can be seen in the thread. This proves that Russell was not a child abuser.

    However it does leave open the question of just how far his activities went in regard to Rose. Maria also says that there was another girl that Russell may have been inappropriate with but gives us no name for her.

  • donuthole

    So Maria didn't think C.T. Russell was guilty of adultery but rather what she considered to be flirtateous, inappropriate conduct with a younger woman. It would seem weird for someone who never consumated marraige with their own wife to be some sort of sexual "jelly-fish". I think this court report is a non-issue.

  • JWoods

    Whether or not Russell was actually "guilty" of some sex activity with this person, the fact remains that CTR, Rutherford, Knorr, (yes, and even F. Franz in a way) had some pretty odd marriage/sexual issues in their real lives...

    and these people (besides creating one of the most bizarre theologies the christian world has ever seen) took it upon themselves to order several million followers around in the area of human sexual behavior!

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