The END - degrees apart...

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    I find that the subject of the "end" fascinating. On one hand we have those, such as the JW's, who insist that the word of "God" is literal in ALL aspects, and that the end will come about by "Gods" hands, in a show of miraculous intervention.

    Now, on the other side, we have those that are ex-JW's, ex-religious of any kind who are quite literally burnt out on the "End", "Doom and Gloom", etc. which is also quite understandable.

    However, what if the seriousness of the issue was real, but no longer "religious", or "spiritual", per se? What I mean is, what if an event took place that the ancients recorded, but through mysticism, etal, "religion", it has been completely misunderstood, with some just plain being burnt out?

    For instance, take the Bible at FACE value (there are other works that span almost EVERY single culture, geology, and time that talk of very similar events) - ask yourself, what was the "writer" trying to convey? Jesus speaks of massive celestial events in the "end". Peter speaks of events on the Earth and sky. John speaks of a "dragon" pulling a third of the stars to earth, "wormwood", etc.

    What exactly were the ancients trying to convey? Perhaps, the error in man, and the birth of mass religion, has twisted the "true" meaning of what was trying to be conveyed.

    Has anyone really kept abreast of changes within SOHO, GRACE, NOAA, and other NASA, etal, agencys, and satelite data? It really makes you wonder.

    So in the end, its actually quite comical that perhaps an "end" does exist, comes around like clockwork, and yet due to over zealous religion-ites, either some are totally into the spiritual end, or, at the other end of the spectrum, do not take the potential serious enough.

    Funny how shit happens...

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