A way for the WTBS to solve all its problems.

by JeffT 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • JeffT

    As long as they're redefining words like "generation" in ways that suit themselves, they should just go whole hog. Announce that Armageddon occured invisibly and we're now living in Paradise. Everything's done, go home, shut down the printing presses. Jehovah's Kingdom is here!

  • yknot

    I see Bro JeffT

    They will 'Develop the Theme' of how JESUS MEANT paradise to be the 'spiritual paradise' that Jehovah's Witnesses have been enjoying since 1914!

    .....sorry ...... I went to my CA for half of the day

  • jacquicortez

    They actually did that some years ago...they started saying that we are living in a "spiritual paradise"

    and if you as a faithful jw wanted to really enjoy it that you needed to heed all the counsel given.

  • cameo-d

    Jeff T, Seems like you are a bit disgusted.

    Hopefully, you won't have to wait much longer and we can all help them pack their bags.

  • dissed

    Yes, the Emperor's new clothes syndrome.

    Could you imagine that WT Facebook page flying off the charts if THEY all believed it happened!

    Roberta - "OMG! The Paradise is incredible! I'm glad we don't have to deal with those evil apostates anymore!"

    153 like this

    Bill - "Wow!!! Think I just saw my first lion and a lamb together"

    152 like this

    Johnny - "I hear the resurection has started. And the bodies have no clothes on!"

    Comments: Bennie - "That's cool Johnny!!!! Jah is sooo cool to do that!!!"

    Fanny - "My neighbors are gone. haha I guess I get their house now!!!!"

    Comments: Max - I hope they suffered horribly!!Those evil doers!! lol

    Lenny - "Look! I'm driving my new wheels...and its....a Mercedes!! I can get used to these war spoils. They are spoiling me for sure"

    1100 like this

    Bongo Bongo - "What's an apostate?"

    Comments: Martha - "Bongo Bongo, don't worry yourself hun, JG destroyed them all"

  • yknot
    They actually did that some years ago...they started saying that we are living in a "spiritual paradise"

    While I know it has been said that JWs live in a spiritual paradise via our association with the slave and brethern for longer than I have been alive, I don't know exactly when we started using that phrase.......does anyone on the board know? The earliest quick-reference I can find on the CD is a 1930 WT

  • WTWizard

    They already have a "spiritual paradise". However, I would not want to live there--its belief system is too rigid. You are not allowed to develop opinions or prove and disprove whatever you are told--even if they are blatantly wrong, you still have to believe them and teach the bad teachings. Also, you are required to waste your whole life (I do not buy that living forever "in God's eyes" crap if I cannot enjoy it). They might be able to pull that "In a sense" sxxx about my being fulfilled while I am alive (assuming I am stupid enough to fall for it). But, it is worthless to be alive "in a sense" if you are in fact dead.

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