Another JW Haiti bragging video on youtube

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  • alanv

    Another video showing how JWs help witnesses and others in Haiti. When you think of all the other organisations who unselfishly help anyone in need and don't make videos to promote there own ideas as members of the watchtower do. This so makes me sick.

    This one is made by two Haiti JW missionaries. They even mention Jesus words about you will here of reports of wars. What the hell has that got to do with an earthquake. Even if they had quoted the next verse about earthquakes the society themselves have agreed that there have been no more earthquakes in our time than in previous centuries.

    They try to prompte the idea that God looks after them, even though there is no evidence whatsoever of God helping anybody in this situation.

    It just annoys me how they use any situation to try and show they are special.

    Sorry I can't provide the link to the video, but just type in Jehovah's Witnesses into the youtube search then videos from this week.

  • moomanchu

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