If you moved to do field service abroad

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  • dgp

    I wonder if those of you who went to do field service abroad could tell me what made you go, what did you think of the prospects of leaving your home country for areas that are not the best in the world, and whether you got any compensation from the WTS for your work. I'm asking this question as a non-JW. I'll appreciate your posts. I'm not thinking about missionaries, but families who move abroad to do field service. i wonder if this is the same as missionaries. Thank you.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I went with my parents in 1961.

    The object of the game was to take an urgent message to our chosen target to 'save' them from Christianity and Armageddon.

    The Mormons arrived after us and made the converts that my father had dreamed of.

    Watchtower Killer God never showed up with our Armageddon. We were trying to sell Paradise to people who were already living there. Every nasty little shit who ever laughed at our family and our pathetic doomsday cult were better prophets than we were.

    I passed the cancer on to my children.



  • Quillsky

    I did field service in a non-English-speaking country abroad, although I didn't move there for field service. (Does this count?)

    What was interesting to me was how we had to try to find English-speaking people in the territory. Trust me, there aren't apartment blocks or gated communities sign-posted "English speakers only".

    So service by the English-language congregation was done in places like refugee camps, where there was a chance that English would be some sort of a lingua franca.

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