Generation Renewal in April...??

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  • feenx

    I saw a reference to April having a "generation renewal" in the org. I tried doing a search on this term but couldn't find anything more on it. Is this in relation to the annointed, I'm guessing? Can someone fill me in?

    Grass hat!

  • peacedog
  • WTWizard

    The newest twist on "a generation" is that it's the people whose lives intersect with those who were born in 1914--noting that they are still plugged into the year 1914, just as it was about to go out of date.

    This reminds me of stringing up Christmas lights. If I have 45 feet to reach, and each string is 22 1/2 feet long, I will never be able to reach the end where I want by plugging the set into the outlet I intend to use. However, by stringing another set of lights to the end of the one I have just exhausted, I can now reach where I want without moving the power source.

    The witlesses are doing the same thing. The "plug" is 1914, and they cannot move it without having to rework the whole religion in ways that would cause 3/4 of them to quit. However, they are nearing the end of the string of lights--it will only reach 2034, and people are seeing that. So, they simply add another "string" so they can reach way past 2034. In fact, the end of the "string" now reaches 2154--hopefully, that is going to put the brakes on the sense of urgency.

  • feenx

    You know, just when you think they can't get anymore outrageous. Sheesh.

    Thanks guys for the info!!

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