Dateline warming up?

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 - 9:00 PM ET
    Pittsburgh pastor
    He seemed to be an answer to a struggling town’s prayers. Reverend Altman had an impressive resume and brought new hope to a failing church with music and inspiring sermons. Everyone was thrilled with the new minister, until someone checked the books and talk of sexual impropriety began. When they checked his resume, instead of prestigious degrees they found a prison record. In a DATELINE exclusive members of the church tell their stories of deception and the Reverend William Michael Altman sits down with Rob Stafford to explain what he calls a terrible misunderstanding.

    Could they be warming up?

  • lydia

    We can only hope!!!
    Peace to all!!

  • anewperson

    They aired a show on a rotten religious situation or cult last month too. My guess is next month they'll air another. If the one on the WTS doesn't air this month, then next month may be it. Someone said this could be good because of Sweep Weeks which viewers will be more numerous. To be among the first to know register at:

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