whoa some of russells teachings where more correct than current JW teachings please comment

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  • recovering

    I was on wikipedia looking up some of Charles Taze Russells teachings, look at what i found. . Whoa some of russells teachings where more correct than current JW teachings . Please discuss

    Climate change. In writings as early as 1883 (and through to the end of his life) Russell repeatedly expressed the view that the world's climate would gradually but significantly change as a prelude to the re-establishment of Eden-like conditions. These changes, he said, would include the gradual melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the Arctic and Antarctic polar ice caps, and the general warming of the earth. [39]

    I think His Christian Zionism teachings also explain why jehovah's witnesses seem to mirror judeism in there beliefs.

    Christian Zionism. Expanding upon an idea suggested by Nelson Barbour, Russell taught as early as 1879 that God's favor had been restored to Jews as the result of a prophetic "double" which had ended in 1878 (favor from Jacob to Jesus, then disfavor from Jesus until 1878). In 1910, he conducted a meeting at New York's Hippodrome Theater, with thousands of Jews attending. Jews and Christians alike were shocked by his teaching that Jews should not convert to Christianity. Russell believed that the land of Palestine belonged exclusively to the Jewish race, that God was now calling them back to their land, and that they would be the center of earthly leadership under God's Kingdom. Early in Russell's ministry, he speculated that the Jews would possibly flock to Palestine and form their own nation by the year 1910. Shortly before his death, he utilized the Jewish press to stress that 1914 prophetically marked the time when Gentile nations no longer had earthly authority with the result that all Jews were, from that time onward, permitted and guided by God to gather to Palestine and boldly reclaim the land for themselves.

    edit no I do not think he was correct

  • minimus

    You think those teachings are correct?

  • recovering

    ha ha

    no minimus just the outlined portion regarding global warming the rest is hogwash. i just wanted to stir the pot and get some discussion going.

  • minimus

    Gobal warming? What's that?

  • zarco

    CT had some pretty strange teachings. What is most significant was that he was known as a religious thinker. He did question many main stream beliefs, but many others did the same during his generation (sorry could not resist). He would debate openly.

    The biggest difference between the early days and now is that the no one views witnesses as religious thinkers. There are not any significant spiritual or ethical issues that witnesses lead the debate on today. They are known as a fringe religion by some and as crackpots by others... certainly not as thought-leaders.

    Both the current and past WT teachings have been proven false. But at least Russel provided information and ideas for meaningful interchange and debate.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think that CTR's most important teaching was the development of CHARACTER.

    Rutherford found this especially repugnant and overthrew it as soon as he could, even saying that the concept of Christian Character Development was from the Devil.

    As an atheistic secular humanist, I believe it is possible to have a sterling character WITHOUT patterning it on any other than rational ideals.

    The recently re-published book "THE DESOLATIONS OF THE SANCTUARY" ( Amazon & Lulu) discusses this and other faults of Rutherford in some depth.

    find it here: http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=88659

  • Lieu

    I used to have the actual Studies in the Scriptures Volumes ... man was that stuff wierd and full of astrology/numerology.

    Russel was like a mix of Millerite & Mayan, however, I don't fault him with trying to understand the Bible, I fault him with doing something he nor anyone else has any business trying to do - something the Bible says belongs only for God to know.

    That very thing the WTS today can't let go of - stealing from Jah, displacing Jesus, identity theft, etc.

    The God of the Bible can't have a dayum "tree" and now he can't have a dayum "day" to himself.

    When is all this theft going to end?

  • freydo

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