Anyone listen to The Overcomer Ministry?

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  • zzaphod

    I sometimes listen to this chap (Brother Stair) on my shortwave set, he`s on the air on 6.110Mhz and audible here in the Uk between about 14.00 and 17.00 GMT.

    Or can be heard on his website (I won`t post a link, because it`s the messiest website I`ve seen, and for some reason causes my pc to hang), but you can find it via Google if interested.

    I ask this question in the entertainment section, because although he rambles on about the Last Generation, Yahweh, and the rest, he`s also a bit of a conspiracy nut.

    I find him entertaining, even funny at times.

    If nothing else this chap is devoted to his message, I don`t think I could really take him seriously as a minister though.

    I was wondering if he has a large following in the USA, he`s based in Walterboro, North Carolina.

    I`ve travelled around the South East of the USA a couple of times, including NC, but I don`t remember hearing him on the AM band when I was last there.

    BTW talk radio in America is the funniest thing I`ve ever heard, much better than our stuffy, and definitely un-funny BBC, which sounds more and more like Pravda as time goes by.

    All the best

    Paul Uk

  • kurtbethel

    Ah yes, good old Brother Stair. He is a lively one, and typical of American shortwave religious broadcasting.He is sort of a modern day Charlie Russell.

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