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  • inbetween

    the idea came up, when a poster (sorry cant find the thread) mentioned something about, that as long as the WTS do not change core-doctrins, most JW would not mind.

    Changing things like "generation", "sealing of anointed" etc, they take as new light, and dont see any problem..

    It made me think, what actually are core doctrins for JW ?

    Some say, teachings like no trinity, soul, hellfire, paradise earth etc...

    While this is true, I think we must define, what are really core-doctrins:

    My definition:

    If you do not follow a particular doctrine, and as a consequence, will get you Disfellowshipped, then its a core-doctrine !

    Considering this, many core-doctrins in fact did change:


    smoking prohbited and DF-offense in the 60, I think.

    Making civil-service, permitted after 1996, before, guess what ? df-offense

    definition of porneia, changed in the 70`s (including practices in marriage) , later more changed in 2006, QFR-article

    blood, what is allowed, what not, changes over time...

    what pagan festivals one can celebrate, what not (no birthdays, but Pinata allowed etc)

    how much can you get involved in politics (voting )

    This thought can be extended even to almost all doctrines, because imagine, some years ago, you were publically teaching the generation meaning the anointed who overlap, you would get in trouble for apostacy.

    The same is true regarding many flip flops (resurrection, organ transplants etc)

    Another factor is, those things have much more influence in daily life, then lets say, believing in trinity, or an immortal soul.

    just some ideas, I appreciate any input


  • nugget

    This did make me think. I would say that the core doctrines are those laid out in the Bible teach book since belief in these is enough for someone to get baptised.

    God is the Creator

    He is not a trinity

    Jesus is his son

    There is no hell

    People do not have an immortal soul

    There will be a resurrection of the dead

    A limited number go to heaven to rule as kings

    The hope for the majority of mankind is to live forever on Earth

    No blood

    No worldly celebrations

    After that we get into the dodgey ground you mention above. I think your definition is correct but the problem is you are not allowed to believe anything that goes against the published words of WTBTS. So if for example you don't believe in a worldwide flood or mankind being 6,000 years old then that is enough to get you DF'd.

    Also in amongst these so called foundation doctrines there have been significant changes of viewpoint .

    It just goes to show what a shifting sand we have been standing on all these years without realising it.

  • teel

    By your definition it's quite hard to find one doctrine that is not core, so it's pretty easy to list those.

    Let's see: I don't go to KH and don't go to FS any more but I'm still not DFd, so I guess that's not so important. I can also interpret more loosely the neverending rules regarding dressing, entertainment, etc.

    Can you think of anything else from the doctrine that I'm allowed to do (or not do), and not be DFd?

  • inbetween

    nugget: interesting viewpoint, maybe we should add the babtism questions too.

    the other problem is, I think, I can believe, what I want, as long as I dont voice it, or try to convince others.

    In my hall are quite some who do not agree with everything published, they just dont try to convince others, and they are not in trouble.

    Its a unity by appearance in many cases and not by heart.

    teel: This puzzled me always, the very definition of being a wintess is giving a witness, and yet, by not giving a witness, one still can remain a witness, strange...

    other doctrines, you can do differently, without being dfd: getting a higher education, toasting, watching violent movies, embracing during prayer, marrying outside the "truth", ...

  • teel

    The correct word is conformity. Unity can only be by heart, if it's enforced, then it's conformity. It's all about the appearances, the true nature of christianity is long left behind.

  • wobble

    Interesting thread ! most religions publish "Articles of faith " or similar , which outline their beliefs.

    The WT/JW beliefs change so fast that it isn't worth them publishing something like that, contrast that with the Christadelphians who started just a little before C.T. Russell got his scam going, they published theirs about 150 years ago and have not found the need to change them.

    Interesting too, that out of the ten dear Nugget lists, five are negative, things they do Not believe in , so really they only have 5 core doctrines, plus the hidden one that the GB is the Mediator and must be worshipped, instead of Jesus.



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