My children's house burned, how "worldly" people are responding...

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  • HappyGuy

    I have three daughters, aged 26, 20, and 17. The house they live in (with their mother, my ex wife) is a house that I bought for them, I paid off the mortgage and deeded the house to my ex wife and told her that I wanted the children to have a home that they would not have to worry about losing. That was 14 years ago. I did not want my ex to suffer due to the divorce so I gave her that house free and clear. My ex is a life long JW.

    The house caught fire last Wednesday and the fire department had a terrible time getting the fire out, so they busted the place up pretty good. Between the fire and the fire department's demolition derby the house is in very bad shape. My ex did not have homeowner's insurance. Don't ask, it just makes me very angry.

    Now, here is what those evil "worldly" people have done in response.

    The Red Cross put my children and their mother up in a hotel room.

    The high school where my youngest daughter goes to school gave her entire class permission to come to the house to help clean up debris. Her classmates all said they were going to go whether they had permission or not :).

    The church that my oldest daughter goes to sent their youth ministry, 26 teenagers, to help clean up debris and help with demolition.

    My middle daughter's boyfriend has taken off work and is working pretty much fulltime on the house. He brought a couple of his friends with him who also took off from work.

    Home depot has donated a small amount of material and is trying to raise enough money to donate ALL the materials needed to completely renovate the house. We don't know yet if this is going to happen but they assigned a fire remediation counselor to my children and he is helping them talk to all sorts of agencies, groups, charities, etc, to get different types of help. He worked with the city so that they could get the house stabilized without needing a building permit. The roof was in danger of collapsing.

    There has been a steady stream of volunteers from all over the place coming to help.

    A contractor we found on Craig's list is at the house every day helping get the house to the point where it can be lived in so that Home Depot has time to assemble the help they are working on assembling. He is not doing this for free but he gave us such a low rate after he found out the situation that it might as well be free. The man is an expert in everything construction related, I hate to think what a real hourly rate for him would be.

    EVERYONE who comes to the house is amazed at what my daughters are accomplishing (they are running the project themselves and doing a lot of the work) because of this outpouring of support. THe guy from Home Depot said he was totally amazed at what they got done over this past weekend.

    I have been on the phone round the clock (I live 3 states away) organizing tools, equipment, people and other things that have to be paid for from my house in Mississippi (my kids are in Florida). I can't be there personally but I am helping run the project from here (I had to take off from work to do this). My resources are limited but my middle daughter's boyfriend and the contractor from craigslist are the most tight fisted people I have ever met so they are able to get things for a very reasonable amount of money and get a lot done with it. I cannot be there in person for several reasons, but I am working full time on this.

    Everyone who hears about my chidlren's plight wants to help somehow and does to what degree they can.

    I am hoping that my chlidren will get their house back. They have been working on it round the clock since the fire. I am very proud of them.

  • JeffT

    Good for your children and all of those helping them. I'm sure the members of your ex's congregation will bring over some wacthtower's or something to give a good witness to all those poor deluded worldly people. I'm surprised your head hasn't exploded over the lack of insurance.

  • HappyGuy

    So far the Witnesses have done NOTHING. None have showed up at the house, none have called, NOTHING. My ex mother in law, who lives in the house also is a 3rd or 4th generation JW. Her family were some of the first JWs back in the 1920s. I'm trying to remember who that was, her grandmother maybe? or great grandmother? I forget.

    The ex mother in law and the ex wife are always trying to preach to my children because my children used to be JWs but they left the cult several years ago. My children all said that this clear contrast of what the "worldly" people are doing speaks volumes.

  • flipper

    HAPPY GUY- You have my sympathy for what happened to your house and your daughters being displaced. Isn't it interesting how loving and helpful non-witness people are ? I have found that as well since being out of the JW cult for 6 years. Stands to figure the witnesses haven't done anything to help them. You mentioned your daughters and their boyfriend's are working hard at renovating the house- what is your ex-wife doing to help ? Just curious. Hang in there- I'm sure it's an extremely difficult situation. and frustrating for you that you can't be closer geographically to help even more

  • HappyGuy

    My ex works full time and my daughters told her not to worry about the house to focus on work. My ex doesn't make a lot of money and missing work woudl be another financial blow in addition to everything else. My ex burst into tears when she visited the house and my daughters told her not to worry about the house and they would take care of it. None of us blame her for not being able to go to the house. I know I would be a basket case. I saw pictures and I cried and cried.

  • Scully

    It's times like this when a JW will see exactly how much they are valued by The Friends™ and The Organization™, if at all.

    We didn't have a disaster like this - but a health crisis - and it was exactly as you described: not a single phone call or card from our JW Friends™, however Worldly People™ showed us such care and compassion that it made us start questioning how JWs could dare to call their belief system The Truth™, when there was nothing that even remotely resembled love shown when we most needed it.

  • leec

    I wish I could show this to my JW friend as case in point why I cannot go in that direction. No doubt she will be certain that this is all lies.

  • HappyGuy


    Who would be smarmy enough to make up lies involving their children? gawd. even JWs can't be THAT hard hearted? can they?

    I told my oldest daughter that this shoudl be a movie. "Teenage Power" because basicallly it is a bunch of teenagers doing most of the work.

  • WTWizard

    The score:

    Red Cross (I used to call them "vampires"): Hotel rooms.

    High school: Whole class helps clean up the place after the fire.

    Church: Assistance with cleanup and demolition so a new house can be built.

    Home Depot (a huge company that I would not expect to have sympathy): Donated a limited amount of material, and attempted to raise enough money to completely rebuild the whole house.

    Worldly relative: Taking time off from work to work full time on repairing and rebuilding the house.

    Worldly contractor: Giving a deep discount on work so work can stay on schedule and be well organized.

    Jehovah's Witlesses: Nothing.

    Remember, the fire victim is a witless--these Satanic people sure are doing a lot more to help out than the witlesses who are doing nothing to help their own. Aren't the witlesses supposed to be the ones taking the lead to help their own? I am surprised that a major company that is trying to build a monopoly on home construction and hardware materials is helping in a case, yet the witlesses that are supposed to be loving their own are doing nothing. I hope this wakes the victim up and they soon realize that the witlesses cannot be trusted. And I hope this results in one more apostate in 6 months' time.

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