Funny how my family acts when it comes to ALCOHOL

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  • Butterflyleia85

    So yesterday my fiance (nonjw) and I went to my mom's for dinner and invited my sister's husband and her as well. It was a nice visit but I couldn't help but notice a Watchtower that had in bold letters ALCOHOL on her coffee table. I didn't make a comment but just chucked in my head as I recall my mom's "drinking" (as far as problem I'm not sure) But as dinner begin my mom offered beer which then I realize now her thinking, she is leading to the idea of moderation and that watchtower is there as her reminder to KEEP it in moderation.

    Then we were getting on the subject of age. I asked my sister who is married and is plaining on getting baptised in May if she was turning 20 or 21 next month. She chucked and said, "I'm turning 20 but Jordan (her fiance) is turning 21, March, so I will be 21. hahaha" I looked at her and smiled but shook my head and said, "um yeah and how is that." She then said in a jokingly tone, "well obviously the frig will be stocked." I [sigh]... I think well maybe it's my presents as they still prob remember my drinking prob back when I was 21.

    I think the Jehovah's Witnesses like the idea of "living dangers" they want to have restictions just so they can have fun with the system... I mean gees if it was free for all, then it would spoil the fun of being devious or sneaky. Maybe this is all a game to the young Jehovah's Witnesses, and don't get caught is part of the game. Well I got "caught" as it were (in my sister's mind) I'm in reality still her sister and she would never ignore that but sence I got "caught" her game is to hide our relationship and fun (wanting to drink). and I guess she's ok with that.

    [Sigh] Does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture? My family are missed up... it's not anything to serious I don't think but obviously are in denial. It's the only entertainment JW can play with without feeling like becomeing worldly I guess.

  • lepermessiah

    I think a good percentage of Witnesses are moderate to heavy drinkers. Like you said, its a "legal" means of having some fun.

    The word "Moderation" has been stretched and twisted by many a JW.

    At all of the congregations I have attended, we have had a few major league alcoholics who NEVER were "marked' or "counseled" for hitting the bottle really hard. A couple of them would show up at meetings reeking of alcohol.

    Most social events I attended over the last 15 years all had massive amounts of booze available. I have walked out buzzed of more JW social events than ever at home or at a restaurant.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Yes I totally believe that!

    I think at one time it was a problem in our area (our congregation in a couple of surrounding congregations) then it was controled, and now that they saw the problem with it, our area is pretty strict about alcohol, that no body is seen drinking any but a little beer or wine, your not really looked good on if you order more then one drink or drinking more then one at events. I have never seen special events with members from our area have alcohol involved especially after that hugh problem (I heard about it when I was 16). You would more then likely get teased or stared down.

    But when I turned 21 I was the only one in my hall expect a few that was old enough to drink and all the older adults (late 40s & older) looked down on going out and drinking except my mom. So when I found out that down in Indianapolis and Southport area it was totally different. I also found out a few surrounding towns had a few elders that took drinking more casually. I also saw more hypocrisy and teens or younger adult abusing this freedom or nonjudgmental view on drinking to extreme. The reality was after people got word of my lax sociel entertainment alot more JW from my own area started inviting me over to hang out and have a few drinks. This is where it all was sorta an eye opener... how a person can be so secretive and live double lives in the light of shunning such drinking in public and then going home and doing it themselves.

    But I would still like to think... over powering control doesn't help the person to grow and learn, yet I do believe in eduating and letting the younger learn for themselves (abuse can come in anyform). It's like this guard or fear a person holds inside puts a henderance instead of helping, but I'm not sure sence I haven't seen much positive or honest play in this... I see where all this should be more of a personal decision and if the problem leads to self abuse or harm to family then some sorta intervintion would be smart.

  • megaflower

    I cannot count how many witnesses I have smelled alcohol on thier breath before a meeting. I guess they needed a shot or two to make it through another boring meeting.

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