Are Jehovah's Witnesses "Extremists"?

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  • God_Delusion

    I think this article, along with the video that comes with it, shows that they are.

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses "Extremists"?

    And just think, many of us actually believed in that rubbish and laughed at those jokes.....


  • alanv

    Did we really all used to believe that rubbish. I feel so ashamed of myself now for not only believing it myself but worse going from door to door trying to get others to join this cult. It makes me all the more determined to help others free themselves from this evil organisation.

  • God_Delusion

    Didn't you find it really upsetting when when some of the people in the audience laughed at the point where the speaker said how the remaining Jehovah's Witnesses would dispose of the bodies? Sickening.

  • quietlyleaving

    many of the policies are extremist imo, and these tend to push ordinary JWs towards extemist behavious

  • pixiesticks

    They are supporters and advocates of some extreme doctrines. I personally think that their God is the extremist and that they are just his brainless followers! At the very least, at least they don't advocate their members carrying out extreme acts themselves. Only to wait for God to carry them out for them.

    I would be hesitant to lable them extremists when describing them to other people though, as that is such a loaded word and people generally have images of people with bombs straped to themselves and angry, hatred-inciting protestors. When I think of extremists in religion, I think of pure Islam and Sharia law and active Christian or Catholic fundies. Witnesses have a horrible and very distasteful mindset, but at least they aren't blowing up buildings or cutting peoples' heads off every Saturday. Yet.

  • wobble

    I do not think we should hesitate to label them extremist, anybody willing to sacrifice the life of their own child by witholding a blood tranfusion based on a wrong interpretation of scripture is extreme in my opinion.

    If you really are unhappy about using the word extremist, then at least on every occasion please call them a Cult, that may make people examine them properly before becoming involved.

    Extremist Cult is what they are though.



  • Terry

    Jehovah's Witnesses are CONTRARIANS.

    They are the opposite name it....whatever is conventional, traditional, mainstream, authentic, historic, normal...

    A rich men's clothing tycoon with a long white beard and no mustache who loved Pyramidology and End of the World crackpot charts began this religion.

    He made wild predictions that didn't happen. He changed words and phrases that would prove he was wrong in subsequent writings and kept back-peddling. His successor wasn't anybody he'd have chosen.

    Rutherford was against just about everything and created a tribe of nay-sayers who would shout "NO" to everybody else's "Yes."

    It is still that way.

    Remember the motorcycle gang leader in THE WILD ONES played by Marlon Brando? When a townsfolk asked him, "What are you rebelling against?"

    Brando replied, "Whataya got?"

    That's the Watchtower philosophy in a nutshell.

    When it comes to a religious belief, tenet, doctrine, practice, ritual or foundational orthodoxy; whatever the other guy's got---they rebel against it.

    Contrarians, nay-sayers, misfits, crackpots, hard-heads, Luddites and miscreants all formed in the crucible of Watchtower cartoon logic.


  • wobble

    Terry !!!!! Great Post !!!! that is one of those "I wish I had said That !" kinda posts !

    I have always been genetically programmed to be a rebel, and to a degree a "Contrarian" , which by some cruel twist of fate, probably worked, because of the truth of what you say, to keep me IN the borg.

    I suppose now ,looking at it from the outside,they are duty -bound to be contrarians, they claim to be God's voice on earth, they simply cannot go along with the herd, even if the herd, or majority, are patently shown to be right, they MUST be different.

    "Watchtower cartoon logic" ..... just about sums it up.

    Keep on postin' Brudder



  • pixiesticks

    "If you really are unhappy about using the word extremist, then at least on every occasion please call them a Cult, that may make people examine them properly before becoming involved."

    Oh, don't worry. I definitely do not make an effort to suger-coat the type of organisation that they are in conversations with people. As I said, I do agree that many of their doctrines are extreme and certainly their vision of the destruction and mass genocide to occure at the end of things is highly distrubing.
    I usually refer to them as a highly controlling and destructive religion with many cult-type attributes and control techniques. I find this stops people from immediately conjuring the mental image of the Jones Tower massacre or Jihad suicide bombers and realise that Witnesses are far, far more subtle than that.
    The danger of bandying around such loaded words is that people will asign their own meaning to them unless you clarify. If you tell someone that Witnesses are extremists and they go away with the idea that Witnesses are like terrorists (which, for a lot of people, is what they think of when they hear the word 'extremist') then, when they meet a Witness and find that they're actually really friendly and charming, they might be less inclined to listen to your warning against them!

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