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  • jdhf

    I have recently become aware of many inconsistencies that we teach as JW's and it has really distressed me. A few from our cong here in Ireland get together and discuss the REAL truth from the bible. We were wondering teh best road to go down to help others find out theTRUTH, without being labelled as apostates, esp at assemblies etc. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • hecouldbewrong

    The Lord above made man to help is neighbor,
    No matter where, on land, or sea, or foam.
    The Lord above made man to help his neighbor-but
    With a little bit of luck, With a little bit of luck,
    When he comes around you won't be home!

  • yknot

    You could follow the 'slave's' direction and start referencing the older pubs.........drawing interest of those less 'conscious' who may ask you about the pubs or seek your knowledge and sharing non-apostate links to these 'treasures' of the past.

    You could take a page from a poster who is on hiatus......and 'embrace the hypocrisy' by saying the most uber things to the point that others around you not in your club will think you a bit much.......of course you will show them in the pubs where what you say is true.....

    Example.... Sister Converted in the 80s......said something to the effect that the GB is 'imperfect'........ you agree totally but without the FDS and their GB there is no chance for anyone to gain salvation! Why without association with the FDS all are 'birdfood', may we never find ourselves disagreeing or questioning these faithful ones even if that means preaching something becomes 'old light' like those before you who preached the previous generation beliefs or that the anointed were sealed in 1935..... God's wisdom and guidance 'refined' them in the proper time after 72 years!.....then pause and say even though it was evidently an err those who dedicated their lives within that time to spread this as part of the good news will surely be reward for their faithfulness to the FDS........

  • AuntBee

    THat's so exciting to hear that you're searching out the real truth from the Bible! I sent you a PM.


    auntbee, tucson

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