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    Have you seen this one yet? If so, my apologies for re hashing. Curious what you think. Trying to get my blood pressure down right now, so will check in to see what you think.


    Firstly, thank you for your loving concern n prayers! We are about 75
    At the branch right now n everyone is FINE--right now busy as bees
    Preparing food n clothing, etc for the many brothers that are homeless,
    N injured n in a bad state!.

    We have had reports of brothers slightly injured, seriously injured n
    Dead n missing in the heavily populated areas of PAP--PAP as you may
    Have seen on CNN is reduced to dust n ruins. Our immediate area n
    Cr-de-Bouquet seems to have weathered it pretty good. Have had no
    Reports of death in our neighbourhood--I haven't seen any houses in dust
    On the ground--a few fences have fallen--but is about all on our
    Street. However, on the road to Cr-d-Bouquets--a new bldg that was 3
    Stories high is now zero stories high.

    When the earthquake hit--I was in the laundry throwing in clothes in a
    Washer--when a deafening roar surrounded us--then the floor literally
    Heaved like waves n the washing machines swayed to the right n left--at
    First the whole bldg swayed n with us grasping things to stand upright n
    Run--3 of us were there n I screamed for them to run out n stand in the
    Doorways--than when it stopped moving--which seemed forever--we ran out
    On the grass in the courtyard--the sister standing next to me was
    Shaking like a leaf--I just hung to her for awhile till she stopped.

    John was in the office--thrown to the floor spread eagle and couldn't
    Get up--crawled up to the doorway n managed to get up n hang on--as did
    Robin n Daniel.

    Some lighter moments too--Eveyln Thibodeau was watering plants n trees
    Down by the old Kitchen n our watch dog Wally started shaking all over n
    Become extremely agitated--she was trying to calm him down when it
    Hit--then all of sudden she saw frantic students streaming out from the
    Dormitory--stark naked--as they were showering for supper. It was a
    Terrifying moment for all!!

    Terrifying is not adequate to described the fear--Paul Rozon ran outside
    The kitchen area in time to see the entire structure sway to the right n
    Left. Amazingly--the following day--the bldg was inspected n there were
    No cracks!! Hurray for Design/Bld who insisted on all that steel--PAP
    Is in total ruins--haven't been out but the reports are bad--on
    Delmas--City Bank reduced to the ground n so many others.

    Had reports this morning from all our missionaries n foreign special
    Pioneers from Guadeloupe/Martinque n they are fine--if not a look shook
    Up. Wilburns in Leogane had part of their missionary home destroyed--so
    They arrived at Bethel last night. Yakibonges n Grooms are find--about
    3 miles from Bethel--Sabrina Y was able to phone home to Italy this
    Afternoon n reassure her mother (not in the Truth) that they were fine.
    Her mother already had time to phone Bethel n the army!

    At present we have the 13th MTS school going n those from Carrefour n
    Heavy populated areas have had deaths either the in the family or cong.
    Some have not been accounted for--Br Phillippeaux over in Bon Repos lost
    His only son--at university--haven't found the body--so the parents are
    In deep mourning! Relief supplies arrived from DR this morning n by 2
    P.m. Trucks were ready to make deliveries to Pouplard n Delmas Nord.

    We suspect not a few of our young brothers and sisters attending
    Universities may have died when those buildings crashed to the grounds
    With everyone in them. One nice experience--one sister was scheduled to
    Attend a lecture on pyschology n she decided she did not want to hear
    That stuff. As soon as she got outside the entire structure collapsed
    before her eyes!

    Visible proof where 'higher learning' takes you--right into the
    ground!! Now if any want to attend university--they will have to move
    to another country--as all their bldgs crashed to the ground!! And
    believe me--their parents will work to send them there--that is the god
    they have confidence in--Jehovah is kinda of a sideline one.

    Very sad moments--Robin buried a 14 year old sister last night--she
    considered him like her father as her parents are divorced--the sister's
    only child. He had to run around n find a casket n she was buried last
    night. We cannot even imagine the parents' anguish nor loss. We have
    had many sessions of tears--we will be grieving until the New World!!
    Her mother was a trooper through it all!!

    Bottom line is Haiti is FINISHED--received its final death knell--this
    literally killed the country. However, our brotherhood is as strong as
    ever--had 3 deliveries already from the DR Branch--they sent us a doctor
    n a emergency clinic has been set up in the class room behind the
    assembly hall.
    Jehovah really does take care of us!! Monday we had propane n diesel
    deliveries--without the usual paper transaction, cheques n requisitions,
    etc. (which they usually adamantly demand!--providing Bethel with a
    month's suppy.

    Also, we had a 40' container come in with lit on Monday n it was quite a
    challenge for the driver to maneuver that load in our little
    driveway--we suddenly realize our little Bethel is growing into a major

    Tuesday afternoon John had me taking pictures on the marks on the lawn
    where the truck last week had to go up over the curbs n lawn to drive
    out of the yard. Said to do the same thing on the following day as that
    is when it was scheduled to be picked up. About an hour later the truck
    showed up n he drove the trailer out of the yard around 3:30 pm. At 5
    p.m two hours later--the earthquake hit n had that container been here
    it most like would have caused major damage n turned over, etc. Most of
    the family n students n volunteers spent the nite camped out on that
    driveway. Happily for us it didn't rain!!

    We have our Construction Overseer from Brkln here along with his
    wife--Charles n Jennifer Snyder--plus great const workers--from
    Canada--Rozons, Bellerives (Lisa n Sylvain) Thibodeeault's, etc. We
    have all the PRACTICAL people on hand! Some 'accident'why they are here
    at such a critical moment--why we know Jehovah n his angels are running
    this work!!Another light moment.
    One Canadian couple arrived from Canada--International Volunteers--a
    tile layer as we are presently doing renos in the old residence. After
    Terrie West showed him the their room in the new Extension they were
    enthralled. Brother said it was the best accommodations they have ever
    had doing IV work. About two minutes later--the whole flippin' bldg was
    shaken to n fro--as the earthquake hit. Nonetheless, undetered--said
    they were happy to here n help out! Only Jehovah's people respond like

    Afterwards--I was so keyed up--I worked till 2 a.m. n then crashed in
    our bed--at that point was so exhausted didn't care about anything--said
    if I'm gonna die--gonna do it comfortably it our own bed. Earlier John
    tried to convince me to sleep upstairs then his office--but I refused.
    He slept in the office. But Charles Snyder reassured me that the bldg
    was safe n could certainly withstand any aftershocks--which by the way
    we are still experiencing n are still nerve wracking!!

    So that is about it folks! As soon as possible shall fire some photos
    off to you!! Telephones are off n on--we have an Internet service--so
    that is wonderful as don't think we would be able to communicate otherwise.
    Warmest love n hugs to you all.

    John n Inez

    PS Susan may have forwarded this already--but this evening 3 more
    doctors arrived DR--I do believe quite a number of brothers have died or
    are 'missing' from Carrefour--a very densely populated part of
    PAP--sadly--many young ones at schools oruniversities!

  • TweetieBird

    I got the same email and was totally pissed by the paragraph you highlighted. How utterly stupid. If that is the case then the approximately 100 JW's that have died were apparently not following Jehovah's standards.

  • dssynergy

    oh, brother....University Kills....PLAHEEESE

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  • watson

    His mental condition is not so good, eh?

  • beksbks

    This is irritating n disgusting n ignorant n all that. Please tell me it was written by Inez, n not John?

  • huxley2.0

    On the grass in the courtyard--the sister standing next to me was
    Shaking like a leaf--I just hung to her for awhile till she stopped.


  • flipper

    WATSON- Good thread. Thanks for posting that letter. It really shows how cult mind control works. This witness is an idiot. It turns off the emotions in cult members like herself towards non-witnesses who pursue college - essentially claiming if they got smashed in a psychology class at college- well, they deserved it. Yet did you notice how psycho she is ? In the exact NEXT paragraph she states " Very sad moments - Robin buried a 14 year old sister last night ". I can only assume the sister was a Jehovah's Witness.

    This is a classic case of a JW cult member having NO EMPATHY for non-witnesses who died in the earthquake - yet is such a controlled Zombie she shows only caring for witnesses. JW's shut off emotionally ANY empathy and human feelings toward those on the outside. They disconnect. Truly disgusting

  • blondie

    Luke 13:4 (Amplified Bible)

    4 Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them--do you think that they were more guilty offenders (debtors) than all the others who dwelt in Jerusalem?

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