images & news frm Haiti & jw's

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  • carla

    This is probably not going to come out right but when jw's look at the news and images from Haiti and I do believe their hearts are touched by it (for the most part) why don't they connect their 'unified' vision of the big A with this much smaller scale catastrophe? Shouldn't it be kind of like a preview for them of just what they are in fact looking forward to?

    My apologies if you find the question heartless but considering they believe 99% of the population will be destroyed and they will 'help' clean up after the big A it's a valid question in my opinion.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    They are brain dead. The brother giving the talk Sunday said

    how terrible and sad the situation is in Haiti with all of the

    suffering and death. What does he think it is going to be

    like when not 50,000 people die but 6,000,000,000 die?

    Sour Grapes

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