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  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    I was recently asked to post this newspaper article (about my family's defection from the JWs) online, so here it is: Click me!

    I also added this page, which discusses the Watchtower Society's latest mention of the Flood: Click me!

  • fokyc

    Shepherd Book, Many thanks for the access to that information, very interesting.

    I believe that when faced with a situation such as yours they are quite willing to just destroy any congregational record of you, then swear blind you never belonged to the congregation.

    I am well aware of situations where most of a cong will willingly lie, when told to do so by an elder.


  • carla

    Thankyou! marking

  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    You're welcome!

    Yeah, I was confused about what the congregation was doing to "handle" my wife and me, so I had a friend of mine call the local elders pretending to be a JW that bumped in to me at the store & wasn't sure if I was DF'd or not. We recorded the conversation, I'm still not certain if I want to post that on the web or not.

  • KnewLight

    Wow. Great article. I guess that paper doesn't have a website?

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