hey noni noni ( how the mornons got the jw's to work for them)

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  • highdose

    i've no idea if this health craze is still current in the borg land.

    But it started with the Moroms in Utah setting up a health drink company. It took the form of a MLM and they quickly farmed it out to the JW's who jumped all over it. At one point everyone i knew was buying this very expensive drink, those mormons must have been rolling in the cash!

    Of course it was stamped on by the higher powers of the borg, who wanted the money in the collection box. Werid though that the dubs were prepared to give their hard earned cash to these people when normaly they are so anal about "not giving to christendom" etc?

  • JWinprotest

    I remember the late 90's there was an elder in my cong who was putting some heavy pressure on members to buy this juice. My mom finally gave in just to get him off her back, cause he was real aggresive. The claims he was making about the juice were pretty stupid....the final straw was when he told us it can make hair grow back.......he was as bald as an eagle.

    But you're right. One day, it just stopped and he never brought it up again.

  • poopsiecakes

    It was always a source of fascination to me that JW's jump all over the latest MLM health craze - I can't tell you how many demos I've been to by Sister Thiswillcureeverything or Brother HaveIgotawaytomakecash. I could never quite figure out the logic to curing everything now when the new system is 'right around the corner' or the get rich quick things for obvious reasons...MLM's LOVE the witnesses - it's like a bottomless pit of people who are already programmed to believe stuff without too much questioning when it comes from someone in the congregation.

  • noni1974

    You rang?? BTW my user name is my nick name from when I was a kid, and has nothing to do with noni juice.

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