It's not a twinity generation. It's a trinity generation.

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  • DT

    I already discussed this on another thread, but I thought it might be worth mentioning again.

    I count three groups of people (generations if you will) included in this new improved, tag team, overlapped, roof shingle style, generation. There are the two overlapped generations of anointed since 1914. There are also the first century anointed. This may not be what they meant, but it's what they said.

    "To what generation did Jesus refer? The article "Christ's Presence-What Does It Mean to You?" explained that Jesus was referring, not to the wicked, but to his disciples, who were soon to be anointed with holy spirit. Jesus' anointed followers, both in the first century and in our day, would be the ones who would not only see the sign but also discern its meaning-that Jesus "is near at the doors.""

    Later, they explain that the later group included more than one overlapping group. That's a three in one generation, by my count. Please let me know if I misunderstood what they said. It's hard to make sense of statements that defy logic and include words that change their meanings according to the whims of a group of old guys in Brooklyn.

    I can't find any indication that they meant to change that explanation by their further explanation about the tag team generation. They say, "What does this explanation mean to us?" and then provide a nonsensical nonclarification.

    I believe this is the most idiotic idea to ever come from the Watchtower Society. I thought the idea that the generation was the anointed made
    some sense, considering that it couldn't be interpreted in terms of any literal generation. But now they have a ridiculous idea of the first century anointed part of the generation going into hibernation (not passing away, just hibernating) until the sign of Jesus could get another chance to manifest itself to a new composite generation of two overlapping generations that are really the same generation because the saw each other and are really the same generation as the first century generation because the saw different versions of the same sign.

    Did I totally misunderstand this? Am I going crazy, or is it the Watchtower Society that's losing touch with reality?

  • bohm

    Hm. im confused to... Perhaps what they want to say is that 'this generation' has two fullfillments, one back in the days of jesus, and one from 1914+2(real) generations?

  • wobble

    I wonder if in that strange language of theirs, Gibberspeak, they are trying to infer that the first century christians would have been taken to heaven in 1914 and so would see the same stuff as the first part of the overlap guys ?

    I disagree that this is their MOST idiotic idea, perhaps we could start a thread on that ? way up there has got to be that Jesus chose them in 1919 !

    But it does get almost surreal , the stuff they are desperately coming out with now.



  • kurtbethel

    It's time to face the facts that this religion has evidently jumped the shark.

  • sir82


    Trinity formula: "The father is God, the son is God, the holy spirit is God, and yet there are not 3 Gods but one God."

    JW generation formula: "There is a generation which saw the events of 1914, and there is an overlapping generation which will see the start of Armageddon, and yet there are not 2 generations but one generation."

    I don't see any difference.

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