Martin Luther King Day

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Today in the USA it is Martin Luther King Day. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.

    I remember in the 60's being in the eight grade and we read "Black Like Me". Because I lived in So. Cal at the time I found it hard to image what the person who wrote the book was saying was true. I mean making black us separate bathroom and drink from separate drinking fountains. Who could believe anyone was stupid enough to think like that.

    As for Dr. King I know there were those who though he was wrong. They thought that the only way to change things was by violent means. I think if he had chose that course he would never have accomplished what he did. We would have be in a never ending cycle of violence. We kill a few of them. They kill a few of us on and on and on it would go and nothing would have been accomplished. I don't think he chose his path just because he understood this although he did I think he just didn't have the hate in him to act that way. I don't think of him as someone who championed the rights of black people as much as I view him as someone who championed the rights of us all.

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