anybody ever read "crisis of conscience" and then confessed to elder ?

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  • inbetween

    if so, what happened ?

    does it constitue a reason for a JC ?

  • nugget

    I read it because my husband asked me to, afterwards he told me the book was on the apostate list and that I would be judged as having read apostate literature. So I didn't confess.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Depends on where you live and how liberal the Elders are. I literally read from it during a visit from two elders and openly discussed the content with another. No problem whatsoever. However, in other locations it is an immediate JC.

  • Mary

    I think Mouthy did.......I know she had let it slip one day that she didn't believe Jesus returned invisibly in 1914, but I remember her telling me that she had read CoC, told the elders and they disfellowshipped immediately.

    So much for "making sure of all things" eh?

  • crapola

    No way!

  • goldensky

    Believe it or not, around four weeks ago I passed my copy to the presiding overseer (they are now called "coordinator something", right?) in my congregation. I told you in my first post he is worthy of all my admiration. We've known one another since we were teenagers and I trust him. He told me a couple of days later he didn't know whether his conscience would allow him to read it, for how could he go on the stage and give a talk on avoiding apostasy after breaking the rules on that himself? I told him I respected his point of view, but I haven't heard from him since then. He hasn't given it back to me yet.

  • blondie

    I read Barbara Harrison's Visions of Glory in 1978 but did not leave until 23 years later. I never checked it out from the library but read it in the library because I had several jw roommates. It got me thinking but some things in her book were too bizarre for me to accept. I never felt any desire to confess to an elder about anything. I figured my problems were directly with God and that forgiveness was between me and him.

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