My husband bought his first scratch off ticket and won

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  • doublelife

    I posted a thread yesterday about my husband wanting to buy a scratch off ticket. He was going to ask the elders if it was okay but decided to not wait and bought one tonight. The first ticket he bought he won his dollar back. So he used that dollar to buy another one and won $80. We know that that's not the norm though. I guess you could call it beginners luck. I was silently cheering inside that he did something without waiting to ask the elders even though he said he would.

    Oh, and he did split the winnings with me.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Cool! I'm sure the elders would say that Satan made him win to lead him astray. Great he shared the winnings with you too.

  • villabolo

    Ask him how he would like it if his $80/$40 were snatched away from him. Then explain to him that that is exactly what would happen if he continues to play. Quit while you're ahead.


  • WTWizard

    There is nothing wrong with gambling within one's means. Just don't expect to get perennially ahead in playing. If you can afford the scratch off, and you get a dollar's worth of value out of the ticket, by all means play. But, if you are spending money reserved for other things "in hopes of winning it back", chances are good that you are going to take a bath and end up in financial trouble.

    Put in perspective, gambling is about as expensive as other entertainment. You spend a dollar on a scratch off. Where else could you have spent that dollar? Perhaps a quick video game (most of them cost a dollar or more these days). The movies are around $7 and up, plus the ripoffs in the concession stands (and you are not allowed to bring in your own food, because they want to protect that profit). Dinner out can easily run you more than $20 a person. A show can cost more than $100, as can tickets at a sporting event. To me, in this light, gambling can actually be competitive with these other activities if you set a strict budget and stick to it no matter what.

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