Mediator Bomb Against the WTS?

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  • metatron

    For you strict Bible believers: I would point out that you now have the framework of a spiritual weapon that could bring down the Watchtower. Specifically, if you could focus broadbased attention on the issue of Jesus as Mediator for ALL men, this could be devastating.

    It would serve to separate out the few remaining Witnesses whose faith is actually based on a personal knowledge of the Bible. While this knowledge is distorted, nevertheless, this core of believers may be critical to Watchtower survival. Most are ignorant drones who know nothing but what they are told by the Governing Body. The mediator issue has a special attraction for external Bible believers and continues with the potential of a scandal ever since they tossed an old Christian man into the street (metaphorically, Dunlap).

    The recent testimony about disfellowshippings in regard to Jesus' mediatorship should be emphasized and broadcast to fundamentalist groups. You then have martyrs for a scriptural cause and a simple issue to hit Witnesses with door to door. Keep repeating it until it becomes an embarrassment for the organization. Get it to spread and then you have dethroned the "anointed" Governing Body in one blow. This is why they obsess about partakers - if I'm going to heaven as one of Christ's brothers, what's so special about you guys in the NY enclave?


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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They've been DFing those who believe in Jesus for decades and nobody's said "boo" yet. I don't think your average householder approaches it in the right way to get a JW thinking. They almost always say, "You don't believe in Jesus." What they should say to the JW at their door is, "You JWs believe that Jesus Christ is mediator for only around 10,000 people living on earth today, 144K in all history, but the Bible says Jesus died for ALL mankind, and we all pray through Jesus Christ. So what scriptural support do you have for not believing Jesus is your personal mediator?"

    Or something like that...



    Real Christians are going to agree with you 110%..

    Regardless of any truth you may present..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s don`t care..

    The ones that do,will be disfellowshipped..

    That scenario has been played out over and over through the decades..


  • cattails

    Amen. I wish it were that easy Metatron.

    The stumbling block is that the WT teaches that Jesus is the Mediator of the New Covenant. And by using such words they distance Jesus from the "ALL" men he's supposed to be Mediating for, to the one they want access to, the Father, God.

    But try as they may to obscure this fact, the fact remains, because most people who read their Bible and put faith in the Gospels, end up believing that Jesus Christ is their Savior and Mediator. The fact that Jesus is the Mediator for all men is plain and clear in God's Word.

    I spoke with an evangelist minister today. I told him I too looked forward to the hope found in the Good News. I spoke in words he would understand and that my Witness publisher partner at the door would understand in a different way.

    It was thrilling to have someone who would slam a door in a JWs face actually stand there befuddled, listening and disbelieving. My Witness partner mentioned he's never given the time of day to any other Witness.

    I believe more than ever that there are good and bad in every religion. That the wheat and the weeds are all over the field. And that I need to ask forgiveness from God for having represented him incorrectly to people out in service, because of my faith in what a group of men in a NYC / Patterson office decide on Wednesday mornings.

    God is greater than all this and knows our hearts, I really found a bit of redemption in seeking a common ground in Scripture. He listened, he wished me a good day and blessed me with an understanding nod after he gave a listening ear to someone he may have thought a lost soul, me. I am not lost, more so than ever, today I'm found.

    Praise be to God and Christ, today I found my real self as I've never had in all the years of sitting at a Kingdom Hall. Today I'm found through Jesus my Mediator, today I'm found in God, that's how I felt.

  • leavingwt
    The recent testimony about disfellowshippings in regard to Jesus' mediatorship

    Will someone please link to this recent testimony?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I have been told that this blog:

    is written by one of the DFd British Bethelites. But I don't know anything more than that.

  • Chalam

    I agree the Mediator is a big one and well worth bringing up with any JW.

    There are a number of other big ones that are always worth mentioning and they all relate to Jesus.

    The big problem is getting JWs to believe what is written on the page rather than what the WT tell them is written on the page



  • nugget

    The trouble with most JWs me included a few months ago is that they don't really know what they are told to believe. You have so much material to read most new changes go right over their heads So long as the right bit of the paragraph is underlined they don't give much thought to what it means.

    The society really should have a latest thoughts website otherwise most JWs would be spouting apostate teachings without realising it. I was genuinely shocked when my husband asked me who Jesus was mediator for and he told me it was for the 144,000 and no one else. It may be worth cutting out the article and getting witnesses to really look at it and take information in. R&F are being pushed so far from Jesus it is as if they have no merit in the eyes of the GB.

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