New 'Generation' light? Its just the "Governing body being the Governing Body"

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  • dissed

    We used to have a nutcase of a friend in the JW's who was always saying 'off the wall' things. He was exasgerating interpretations, making idle threats that he would 'bump off' a JW if they do him wrong. Nobody took him seriously, because he said these wacko things all the time and never did them. (At least I think he didn't) It was just 'George being George'. We all became accostumed to his rants, unless, you were someone who didn't now him well. Then you could be shocked out of your gord if he threatened to cut the car brake lines on an perceived enemy JW.

    Which brings us to the 'New Generation' understanding of the GB...........

    For over 80 years, JW's, me included, taught bible studies that all these things in the last days would come to pass within one generation. Simply put, the teaching was a call to action among the faithful. Many devoted their lives to this understanding, making extroardinary sacrifices to help others learn the JW way, before the end of days generation passed away. We didn't know 'the day and hour', but we knew we would all see it in our lifetime.

    So why did they change the teaching?

    Because they were wrong. It wasn't happening, time proved they go it all incorrect. Millions believed, and millions lived their lives accordingly, and millions should be disappointed.

    To me, their new explanation is just as silly as Russel announcing to the Bethel Family, 'it happened' almost 100 years ago, "but its invisible!" Evidently, when Jesus said one generation, "he didn't mean one, he meant two", to paraphrase the WT. To explain away their incredible blunder, we now have to accept, that one plus one equals one, not two. Can we say, are you kidding me?

    For 80 years, the original teaching made sense to millions of people, because..... it was obvious to anyone reasoning on the point, that's what it meant. But everyone was wrong, including Rutherford, Knorr, and the claimed spirit guided men of the GB for those same 80 years.

    Why couldn't we have seen that Jesus meant two-in-one generations, when its so obvious to the GB today? Wasn't the Holy Spirit guiding them all along? Then why would the Holy Spirit misdirect them so wrongly for all that time, especially for such a foundational point as the generation? Why would JG direct them this way to their embarrassment? Then forcing the GB to spend 13 years plus, making the gradual changes, hoping not to shake up the faithful too much, and perhaps question their ruling authority. Any honest hearted person could see, they REALLY blew it, this was no little thing, it IS monumantal!

    For us on this site, we knew this was coming, perhaps even more so than the JW's in the KH's. For us, the GB has become all too predictable. We see this as the GB spinning away their mistakes, tyring to cover themselves. And we see them as 'just the Governing Body being the Governing Body', incorrect again.

    Unfortunately, many of the faithful, will see this as "just the governing Body being the Governing Body" in a different way. They will not be shocked out their gord, its just new light and proof that JG IS guiding them.

    Hopefuly, many will see this for what it really is, the GB of the JW's were wrong again.

  • undertheradar

    I find it painful now to think that for all those years, everytime I went in the ministry I mentioned 'this generation'.

    Do the GB have any twinges of remorse for feeding us this stuff?

  • alanv

    No I am sure they have no remorse or regrets. The gov. body are totally convinced in their own mind that God reveals things gradually. Most witnesses will just accept the 'new light'. And the thread title is spot on. This is what they do. As soon as something is proved wrong they change it for something else.

  • Blueeyes54

    They put out an AWAKE several years ago referring to the custom of "saving face". They need to pull it out of their library and read it again. They do not listen to the rest of the anointed world wide. We tried to warn them and they dismissed us as rebellious. Even though they say that the "faithful and discreet salve" is all of the anointed living on earth, they remain exclusive and they say they are the voice of the anointed. In their efforts to appear united they are very divided right now. Because of this broadening chasim, a west coast/east coast division has been widening. They were warned about this problem also and didn't listen. The problem with pride and saving face comes when they are not humble enough to listen to the little guy. Jesus set the example when he washed the feet of the apostles. When was the last time an elder paid you a shepherding call and offered to wash your feet? You laugh? Well. . .

  • dissed


    Our conrgregation used to have an anointed couple that were long timers. I remember them being very humble and it would seem they would always know when new changes were coming from the WTS.

    Collective thoughts from all over the world being sent to Bethel years ago. Now? We don't need your help. Its not like the old times, no?

  • straightshooter

    Yes times have changed. I remember many a witness who believed that with the generation of 1914 getting older, that the end was right there. But my dear friends died without seeing the end of this system of things. Now a new explaination for the generation to justify why the end has not arrived. Just like the new explaination why many newer anointed exist, when the original cutoff was 1935.

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