Flip-Flopping of Doctrine

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  • God_Delusion


    The picture really brightened up my day.

    Let me know if there are any other flip-flops of doctrine. If you've got specific publication names, dates, pages, paragraphs, etc. to back up the flip-flopping, that would be great!

    I suppose I'm looking for the Blondie in all of you.


  • Fatfreek

    Hi RAB,

    Hah -- the picture is funny. And the Sodomite flip-flops are indeed the kingpin of all them all. There are six different, sequentially opposite positions -- yes, no, yes, etc.

    However, that link shows error in the 5th position in that it's not in date sequence (1982). This is the kind of thing that JW's love to pounce on, and with good reason.

    Here is a link to an essay on flip-flops and has the Sodomite-WT pubs correctly in sequence. It includes other flips as well -- Superior Authorities, etc.



    ps: There another great discussion going on right now, a clever chart, that shows six different WT positions on This Generation topic. The link is to page 2 of that thread where TruthSeeker presents his latest incarnation. The flip flop there shows position 5 reverting to position 2, an 81 year span.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Well I wish they had the paragraph it was on too so I could look them up. But yes they do have may on and off claims.

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