Did Your Congregation Have Sex -------------

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  • megaflower

    Talks, Public Sermons. I bet you thought this thread was about something else,lol. WE had them quite often, hmm must have been a huge problem. One thime they said, you can touch below the waist but never kiss down there. WTF The WTS involves itself in every aspect of ones life. They are way out of line when it comes to the bedroom.

  • zoiks

    "A Godly View of Sex and Marriage" would come around every so often. What is that, anyway? A bird's-eye view?

  • nugget

    Yes we did every so often. Sometimes we had a local needs on it too which left anyone not in the know totally perplexed. What is most disturbing is that we never thought it inappropriate for small children to be attending the meeting hearing some of this stuff.

  • shopaholic

    Yes. One public talk was very explicit and totally not appropriate. Folks were sitting on the edge of their chairs as we could not believe what we were hearing on a Sunday morning. Especially when he started narrating what folks were thinking to themselves in some situations...OMG...it was so NOT appropriate.

    Then lets not forget the local needs talk we had once a year on teenagers and singles that explain that oral sex and "inserting one's finger" was fornication. All of this with little kids sitting right there. Then they wonder why a few years later we have 9-13 year olds involved in an oral sex club.

  • megaflower

    Yes, I totally agree that young children should not be exposed to those talks. What where they thinking, apparently not about the childrens welfare.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    what is especially bad about the local needs parts is that on the Service Meeting schedule it rarely if ever stated what the topic was going to be. It just said "Local Needs...... Brother Pervert"

    If the elders were doing what the Borg directed, they would discuss the topics as part of their quarterly elders meetings. The topics would be known well in advance. Publishers could then know in advance if this was going to be appropriate for their preschoolers or not....

    ...oh wait.... that's right..... in a cult you don't get choices. They spring this crap on you out of nowhere and you have nowhere to hide. If you get up or just leave, then you are viewed as an immature prude who cannot handle a supposedly mature topic. Or...you must be embarrassed because you are doing whatever it is they are discussing....wait for your JC invite to an investigational inquiry.

    As a single brother I never was allowed to give those sex talks...thank goodness. I would have refused it anyway.

    And as a talk coordinator...I would not schedule the sex and marriage talks unless the BOE or PO directed me point blank to schedule it....unlike the Local Needs talks...the Public Talks usually are posted weeks or months in advance...giving people ample opportunity to visit another congo or just stay home and have sex......

    Snakes (Rich )

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