Have you been practicing the new Songs?

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  • lepermessiah

    The other day, I finally got to hear one of the new "Kingdom Songs"

    It was hillarious when first, no one knew the song and mumbled their way through it, and then second, when the speaker reminded the congregation that they have been encouraged to practice learning the new songs at home!
    LOL!!!! Yeah Right!!

    I can just see "Family Study Night" being used to learn and sing new Kingdom Songs - what practical ways to enrich your life through Bible study!

    It totally reminded me of this:


  • Butterflyleia85

    Hahaha that's funny! I can only image the congregation trying to sing!! I remember at my old hall there was a lady there that thought she could sing and sang at the top of her lungs... It was so hilarious but I would never had tried to make her feel embarrassed about it because everyone else just mubbled the song like that. But I would get kinda embarrassed for my hall when new ones in my hall arrived. I just keep thinking in my head please don't confront the loud lady about her singing.... sigh I would feel bad for her if people would or have. She tried! lol

  • WTWizard

    Practice the songs at home? I suppose this means most of the congregation is unfaithful to the hounders.

    Reality check: If the songs were of genuinely good quality, one would not need extensive practice to be able to sing it. Practice does make for better singing, but not to just learn the damn song!

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