The term Generation X

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  • lepermessiah

    Just another log on the "generation" fire......

    I was researching the term "Generation X" and its basically agreed upon that it is a term used for the group born between 1961 to 1981.

    The generation before that in the USA, called the "Baby Boomers" was slightly shorter.

    What is interesting is that Gen X is also referred to in the USA as the 13th Generation - counting back to the founding of the country in the 1770's.

    So, again.....

    Why is the WT telling us that a generation can span for decade after decade, crossing centuries???????

    "The Watchtower - Confusing the Hell Out of You since 1877!"

  • LostGeneration

    Generation X started in 1901 and will continue to those being born in 2051. Any other questions, just ask.


    the GB

  • Sapphy

    Generation X overlaps with both generation Y and W. In some instances it overlaps with generations v and z as well. In the meantime, how good it would be to use the remaining time before generation A to preach.

  • Elsewhere

    Ela meno pea.

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