Wireless Router advice...BEST one with Comcast??

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    Gawd Im frustrated. All I want to do is get ONLINE and have it STAY ONLINE. I have had two wireless routers since only May and cant seem to get online and retain connection or any kind of "speed" and I use that term very loosely...and want to know what wireless routers you guys recommend.

    Comcast came out and said my signal was strong and that they are happily going to CHARGE me for coming out and telling me so since it wasnt a Comcast "problem". Ok...so how the hell am I supposed to find out it ISNT a Comcast problem if I dont have someone come out and test that?? Gawd...

  • asilentone

    I am bookmarking on this one by posting here. I do have Comcast too, I was thinking about wireless networking sometime in the future.

  • DJK

    I have a Belkin wireless G router connected to my PC. It sold for about forty dollars and I needed to get one reciever and that was forty dollars. We have a laptop (biult in wireless)and another PC with the add on reciever/xmitter using the wireless system.

    In the beginning there were a few calls to Belkin technical for help but it's been very good now for several months.

    Comcast has a technician available over the phone 24/7 as does Belkin. They can walk you through a repair at no charge.

  • WuzLovesDubs
  • Aeiouy

    Best router out of the box is hands down the Linksys WRT54GL. Walmart carries a similar model, but do not get it. It is the WRT54G. Notice the 'L' is missing. the L stand for Linux, meaning it is running on Linux firmware. This router is excellent out of the box. You can find it on newegg. Also, because of its design, you can install 3rd party firmware as well. I have this router with Tomato firmware installed. I can play online games, have utorrent running, and surf the web all at the same time with no noticeable slowdown. Shoot me a tell if you need help setting it up.

    I've also used Belkin and D-link, but the routers I had both lost the connection about twice a day. I have yet to lose the connection with my Linksys, and it's been running for over a year now.


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