In which countries JW sell their literature?

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  • SirShangelot

    Hi folks,

    i´m not a us citizen, so sorry for my mistakes in my post.

    I want ask in which countries JW sell their literature? I got some information, that a couple of countries allow to sell the literature to people who are interested, without paying taxes.

    Thank´s in advanced,


  • Farkel

    Around the year 2000, the WTS set a policy that all literature was to be on a donation basis in all countries. For several years before that, there were still some countries where literature had to be purchased.


  • blondie

    Since 2000 the WTS has not sold their literature in any countries. Supposedly they ask that people donate to the "worldwide work."

  • SirShangelot

    OK but i found some information that only in countries, where jehovas witnesses have to pay taxes for selling the literature, they stopped it there but in other countries they sell it now!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    That's how it started, back in the early 1990s, SirS. But as stated, in 2000, they pulled the plug on all "sales".

  • SirShangelot

    OK thank you for your information!

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