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    Nice find

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    Wasanelder Once

    I disagree with the first video. If a murderer teaches that 2+2=4, his being a murderer has no effect on the answer. It is true. So to say that the quotes used are not of any value because the authors aren't believers of the full "Christian" smorgasboard of beliefs is foolish. She blows it big time on that one. If they were misquotes that would be different. There are plenty of those to go around. I vote stick with them. In fact, she should use original sources to expose that as she does in the second video which is spot on and very damning. Don't miss that one. She also moderates the comments on her videos which I think is bogus. TBB W.Once

  • bob1999

    I don't have a problem with her videos but I have a problem with her screen name.

    Jesus died for those that God "Romans 8:29ed"

    Jesus died for his sheep. Not everyone are His sheep.

    And that's not our choice but God's. Romans 9:16


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