Just found out I know another poster small world.

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  • nugget

    Just found out friend also posting on this site. Very heart warming. Has anyone else made similar happy discoveries?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not yet but I keep looking forward to it.

  • zoiks


    No, I'm constantly curious but haven't yet had that "happifying" experience.

  • fokyc

    Yes. I founf KT and the original Twinkletoes, contacted them and visited.

    Wonderful couple, very hospitable and helpful, BUT like most of us;

    Lied to and lied about by the elders.


  • nugget

    Zoiks very WT the use of happyfying. Made me smile.

  • Robdar

    When I first started posting here, I found out eventually that I knew 2 posters personally. I have since met many others either in person or through email. BTW, the world isn't small, it's just that people are too darn big.

  • hotspur

    Hi nugget - the chances are we have met/seen each other as my ex's family was in the same cong that you are/were in! It would've been a long time ago though. I do have vague recollections of cantleave when he was a 'younger' - LoL

    It is a small world - I was actually able to ask boyzone how my mother was as her parents are in the same congo!

  • zoiks

    Nugget - glad to be able to share

    Robdar - that is very encouraging! I keep my eyes open for others... I found a thread about C.O.s where some of the posters shared many past C.O.s with me, but those folks haven't posted here in a while.

  • nugget

    Hotspur how exciting. Cantleave has always made an impression so I am not surprised you remember him. I think from posts that boyzone is nearby as seem to have had same CO. so I am starting to find more people locally.

    fokyc it is great when you find new friends from the board it helps to make up for some of the loss and negativity we feel from the org.

    Thank you for your posts.

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