The Internet and Freespeach

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  • acolytes

    It occurd to me (Being relativly new to the internet) that the internet allows the world to unite under the blanket of freespeach.

    The internet really has moved humanity forward, people of all races and nationalities, all religions and sexual prefrences have had the internet as a tool to change the thinking of people.

    Maybe the internet will be the one thing that keeps our blood being spilled by some fanatical government that seeks to divide our countries?

    On a smaller note a poster named "Minimus" started a topic titled "Does your life have meaning." It occurd to me that this board exsposes the watchtower organisation .People myself included have been freed because of the internet. And each time we post we contribute to freeing people from the watchtower. I never thought of it like that before!!!


  • wobble

    Can I have my free peach now ?

  • acolytes

    Wobble . Sorry no free- peach. But if my topic was "The internet and free-Peaches" then apparantly the worlds best peaches come from SHANGHAI.

    I also remember a Seinfelt good episode about Kramer and peaches-


  • nugget

    The society constantly tells us that the internet is bad because people hide what they are and try to trap people but although this may be true in some cases it is not always. What impresses me about a site such as this one is that people express varied points of view and give advice in an open forum. People can use their own faculties to judge the effectiveness of the different viewpoints without prejudice.

    The internet offers opportunities to explore our hopes and fears whilst still retaining a degree of privacy and dignity. It also allows free access to information so that we can make rational judgements. It is self empowering and I love it.

  • acolytes

    Nugget . Well said-

    Iam sure soon the society will equate the internet as "A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing"

    (Any help) Their modern day application on scripture to justify this ?


  • WTWizard

    Free speech is the reason why the Washtowel hates the Internet. They treat someone like sxxx, and they are going online and blabbing the bad experience to everyone. Someone researching the religion will see it and decide not to join. This works equally well for scams (which is why I believe the Internet would be a better regulator for medical quacks and scams than the FDA).

    Notably, I have been hearing that many governments are trying to ban or limit the Internet. They call it the Internet II, where you are only allowed to visit a few thousand pre-approved sites. China already has a version of this in place, as do many Muslim countries in the middle East. I believe Osama Obama would also like to restrict the Internet, because it is quickly getting his pxxx poor performance at upholding the Constitution to all Americans. And I will not look for the original Constitution to be part of Internet II.

  • God_Delusion


    I never watched that show. Was it about the Holocaust?


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