JEHOVAH: What's In a Name?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    The Jehovah's Witnesses used to place a great deal of stock in the fact that they used God's name frequently whereas most Christians were content to substitute the term "Lord." Their bibles are rife with the term "Jehovah" and many combine the name with the title "God" to the point it sounds bizarre to others. Thus it is "Jehovah-God" did thus and so and "Jehovah-God" commanded Moses to do this and that. And they point to scriptures that talk about God's name.

    But when it comes to Jesus, they're content to use that name, despite what the apostles said about Jesus being the only "name" by which people couild be saved and so forth. But in reality, Jesus was really the Greek name for Joshua. Now this doesn't matter a bit to anyone, but if you're going to be a stickler for names, why don't the JWs put that change into their Bibles and talk about "Joshua Messiah" instead of Jesus Christ?

    The ancient Hebrews were hesitant to use God's name because they revered it and because it was holy. They uttered it only in holy places and very rare circumstances.

    Is this aspect of the religion still touted or has it been downplayed over the past decade or so? Do they also still use those terms in their meetings?

  • zzaphod

    From The Oxford Companion to the Bible p343 under the heading "Jehovah" -

    "An artificially constructed name for Israel`s God first attested in sixteenth century CE Christian texts...Renaissance Christian tradition erroneously combined the consonsonants of Yahweh and the vowels of adonay to produce "Jehovah" - Steven Friesen

    Further explained here -

    Paul UK

  • freydo

    Why Yahushua? - "Continuing in error is never superior to walking in truth"

    Is "Jehovah" the Name of God?

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