A beautiful poem for all you apostates...hahaha

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  • whereami

    If this doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will.

    I dreamed that I prayed to Jehovah on high Complained of my troubles and started to cry.

    I said to Jehovah, I can't take it any more!

    Please bring it real soon, your great day of war!

    I endure every day at the end of my rope, I just do not see anyway I can cope.

    I face constant pressure each day without doubt.

    With all of my problems there's just no way out.

    He patiently listened as if on bended knee, I griped and complained about what bothered me.

    His loving concern as I emptied my head

    Made me feel so secure in his love when He said:

    I understand just what you're going through, This time of the end makes it harder for you.

    But you see, I too have been waiting so long, And I must make sure my people are strong.

    Since the very first couple, Adam an Eve, My heart many times had been made to grieve.

    Though I sent my son down to earth just to die, Most people rejected what his life could buy.

    I've been pushed aside by all those I love For other false gods they have put high above.

    They even say I don't exist or am dead,

    That life just evolved from the monkey instead.

    I surely don't want you to suffer or cry, I'll give you my strength on which to rely.

    You need to endure but please do not doubt, If it gets too tough, I will provide the way out.

    The new world is near so endure to the end, For I am Jehovah and I am your friend.

    The life that's ahead is worth oh so much more You'll take such delight in what I have in store.

    Just think what it will be like in paradise, Why even the dead from the tombs will arise!

    You'll feel so much better and have joy each day, Your memories of troubles will soon pass away.

    These promises given will surely come true, And it won't be long before all becomes new.

    So please be determined endure to the end, For I am Jehovah your savior your friend.

  • out4good3

    I think I threw up a little!!!!!

  • zoiks
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Poetry is not your strong suit,

    Seek work as a mime.


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

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