Do you feal like this?

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  • acolytes

    We doubted ourselfs and we doubted our beliefs.

    But today we are our beliefs not some book not the elders nor the governong body. Those were just symbals of our desire to be just.

    Today we ourselfs are the symbal of our own justice. Today we believe in ourselfs and the justice of our heart.

    We have become the victors. And this freedoom what ever the cost was worth the price because our beliefs are now our beliefs.

    Do you feal like this?


  • asilentone

    I am here to correct your spelling, feal is supposed to be feel, it is my feeling that English is not your first language.

  • zoiks

    In some ways I do. I always, always had a hard time saying, "We believe..." - because a little voice would say, "But what do you believe?"

    Now I am trying to be representative of my beliefs. I hope that I can produce some positive effect in the lives of those around me... and possibly more.

  • wobble

    Something like that, the problem is my beliefs are in a constant state of flux, I learn more on a subject, and that changes my beliefs.

    My moral standards are my own, and pretty constant so far, and because they are mine, they are stronger than any imposed by the GB, the Elders, or the Bible. though I guess they are rooted in the Bible.

    If I was to go against them, I would be denying who I am, and that would be possibly fatal to me.

    Beliefs are something that can change with no harm to me or others.



  • VoidEater

    In the general feeling of th OP, yes.

    However, I'm with wobble: "beliefs" are ephemereal, in flux, as stable as the thoughts they are.

    How I treat others is tangible, measurable, visible. I let my compassion by my bedrosk, rather than any particular belief.

  • acolytes

    Hi asilentone

    Some people can be spelling and grammer NAZIS. But Iam sure your comment was meant in a helpful way.

    Zoiks. Great attitude.

    Wobble. Just a thought. AS our beliefs change this can harm ourselfs and others.


  • nugget

    I think I surprised myself when I acknowledged that I had always held beliefs that were not compatible with JW beliefs. There was a secret person that was always there who had their own moral code and core values.

    I find that as a JW you are so busy trying to confrom that it is difficult to be comfortable in your own skin, once you break free of the constraints and make your own choices you feel more relaxed with your decisions. You don't constantly run things past JW internal checker so you are more self confident and self assured.

  • acolytes


    Yes its true happiness does not result from accepting established and changing Jehovers Witnesses beliefs.Sadly leaving the Witnesses can be a miserble jorney also. But al least we can believe in ourselfs and have self-respect.



    The Knights of JWN..

    Have Slain the Evil WBT$..

    Let the "LAND OF ExDUBS" Rejoice!..

    With Fried Chicken and Beer!!..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • changeling

    Void said:

    "I let my compassion by my bedrosk, rather than any particular belief"

    I know you meant bedrock.

    But that's not what I'm pointing out... I wanted to say that those sound like words to live by. You are a beautiful person, voideater. :)

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