Conversation with a Co-Worker

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Jw's on this site could be disfellowshipped by certain hardline BOE's for infractions that 'real' people would find unbelievable.

    Can you imagine this conversation?

    Co-Worker: Did you say you had recently left your faith as a Jehover?

    Jw: Jehovah's Witness, Paul, you know that.

    Co-Worker: Well did you leave?

    Jw: Well,,, not exactly.

    Co-Worker: You didn't leave? Or you did?

    Jw: I was disfellowshipped, you know, excommunicated from the religion.

    Co-Worker: Wow! You must have really done something bad, like writing a book against the religion or insulting your 'pope' or whatever, huh?

    Jw: Well,, not exactly.

    Co-Worker: Then what? I know that your faith is pretty strict. Did you have sex with your girlfriend?

    Jw: NO! I am a virgin and intend to stay that way until I marry Joan. Of course now she might not marry me since I am disfellowshipped.

    Co-Worker: You once told me that masturbation was 'wrong', and you showed me a book that said that. Didn't change me any, but did you get axed for monkey-play?

    Jw: NO! I might as well tell you. I hooked up to the internet and went to a discussion forum that is made up of almost entirely former Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Co-Worker: And....?

    Jw: That's it. I read a few posts and mentioned it to my best friend. Next thing I know I am being called before a judicial committee and being expelled from the religion for 'association with apostates'.

    Co-Worker: And you wonder why I can't take your religion seriously. Better go have some sex now or at least masturbate. I hope it works out with you and your girlfriend and you are able to get married as planned. Next thing you will be telling me that your religion will be looking into your bedroom practices and judging you for what you do with your wife in private.

    Jw: Uh.... well, that's another conversation.

  • Heaven

    Yeah, when you put it like that... when you actually write it down and actually LOOK at what is said/done, it reads/sounds pretty ludicrous.

    One of my co-workers said to me not long ago ...

    "Did you know Jehovah's Witnesses believe that only 144,000 go to heaven?"

    I said "Yes. Whatever you do, don't join them. They're a cult."

    (I don't like to mince words with people. I tell them straight up.)

  • Paulapollos

    I thought this conversation really illustrates the nature of power - because in reality, that is what has corrupted this body of men, power, and the thrill of concentrating and executing it. The real question is how responsible the rank-and-file JW's are for the predicaments they find themselves in......

  • WingCommander

    100+ years of the preaching work, and what do most people know of us? Is it the fear-inspiring declaration of God's impending judgement and return of his Univerasal Sovereignty and Christ's 1,000 year reign? No, it is that we don't celebrate any holidays, refuse life saving blood, knock on their doors at 8 am on a Saturday, don't have any charities, are completely hypocritcal and judgemental, dress like rejects from the 1950's, and are isolationist recluses. Oh, and that we don't shop at yard sales because of the Demonz!!!!

    What a sad, sad joke this religion has become.

    - Wing Commander

    PS: Nearly a 100 years into Jesus 1,000 year reign, and what exactly has been accomplished? Oh wait...probably "invisible spiritual stuff" like channeling a better bible through a professed medium - Grubber....I forgot!!!!

  • WingCommander

    Sheesh....I just noticed in the above post that I refered to "us" as JW's!!!! Boy, the cult-indoctrinated brainwashing runs deep, doesn't it?? Look at my first sentance.......I didn't mean to imply "us" as JW's, as obviously we are not.

    I can't believe I actually slipped and said that. I mean to say, "100+ years of the preaching work, and what do most people know of the JW's?"

    Unbelievable how deep the cult-speak is still in my mind.

    - Wing Commander

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I saw that "us" LOL. I still do it, too. Mind control is a powerful thing.

  • changeling

    I love you to bits, Jeff, but that script sounded like an assembly part. LOL!

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