Investigating Elders Harass 9 Year Old Boy

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    This tale comes from the Urantia Book and if there were ever any historical evidence for it, then there would be no doubt in my mind that JWs existed as far back as the First Century.

    Elders Thwart Jesus's Art Career

    It seems little Jesus was a spitfire at challenging doctrines even at the tender age of nine years old.

    Jesus loved to draw landscapes and would quietly entertain himself with artistic endeavors for hours.

    But, you know how the Elders are! There should be no time wasters, and certainly no pleasures are to be allowed in this life time.

    Apparently, someone at school told on him, and the elders decided to drop in on the family to see if Jesus was really enjoying himself too much.

    His parents knew that he was drawing landscapes and that it was against the rules, but they gave in. After all, he was being quiet instead of loud and bosterious like other children. He was minding his own business and not getting into trouble. He wasn't really hurting anything. It's not like he was drawing nekkid people.

    So, the investigating elders came to his home and they reminded his parents that drawing is prohibited by the second commandment. Landscapes were indeed considered graven images and breaking a commandment from god is grounds for disfellowshipping. (Nevermind that Abrahams father carved idols. People conveniently forget some rule breakers.) This was not the first time the hounders had come to investigate this family. Joseph had been called on the carpet before about his lawless young'un.

    When the elders came, Jesus was made to go sit outside. He listened at the door and was getting really mad that these goons were blaming his parents for letting him draw. (Back then, he only had a piece of charcoal. Can you imagine what might have happened if he had actually used color???)

    Jesus had heard enough! He burst into the room and started giving those elders what for! The elders were taken aback. One thought the kid was humourous, but the others said he was sacreligious and was a blasphemer. Mary was miffed that the elders were causing so much disruption in her household. Joseph sat down and let the boy have the floor. The elders told Jesus he had no place talking to his betters. Jesus was not about to be put down. He insisted they were going to get a piece of his mind and he stood his ground.

    His final announcement to the elders was "I do not have to do what you say. You are not my Daddy!" He stomped his foot and the elders left in silence.

    After the elders caused so much disruption in the home, Mary pleaded with Joseph, "Well, if he is not allowed to draw, can't we let him work in clay?" She really enjoyed her son and wanted him to be happy. But Joseph was a victim of the thought police. Besides, it is hell to be the family shunned when everybody in town goes to the same temple. Joseph said "no drawing, no clay."

    Would Jesus have been a great artist if the elders had not interferred and withered his talents?

    Jesus was determined that he would not let the elders get the best of him. He obeyed his father and never drew a picture again.

    But soon afterward, he did take up playing the violin. Hearing his son practice, Joseph was really really sorry that his son could no longer quietly draw.

    (OK I made up the violin part. But the book says he took up playing the harp.)

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