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  • bobld

    Why did God wage war against the Cannites?Deut 20:17

    The WT says "consider five common questions"I'll comment on question Q1."Why were the Canaanites displaced?Instead of displaced I would use EXTERMINATED.The WT "The Canaanites were,in a sense,squatters in a land that did belong to them."

    At Babel-Here God "Confused the language of all the earth"And in Gen.11:7,8-Jehovah scathered them from there over all the the earth" So where were the Canaanites to go.God scathered them,years later he exterminates them NICE.


  • Elsewhere

    lol... yeah... I read that the other day. The WT basically said that the Canaanites were squatters because gawd told the hebrews they could have the land from the Canaanites.

    That would be like showing up at your house and demanding that you get out and hand over your keys because gawd told me that your house is now mine.

    That paragraph will go down in history as one of the worst things written by the WTS.

  • zoiks

    Well, the people in the really nice houses on the hill outside my town are also squatters...

    God told me I could have those houses after armageddon.

  • Walkin

    I would like to know the names of the individuals in the writing department who actually write these articles. I understand that even sisters are being used to write ideas and submit them to the writing dept. The Watchtower / Governing Body does not write any articles. They simply vote / approve which ones get accepted for print. One for the rank and file and one for the public.


  • Walkin

    The reason the names are not revealed is to protect the guilty.

  • Paulapollos

    Sisters are not used to write articles in the WT - often, they are used to "proof-read" or "check", but the Organisation's internal policy does not allow for sisters to write material that is considered to be theocratically instructive in any way. Sisters, as in the preaching work, are used internally to do the bulk of the work, such as researching and compiling, and certainly at the branches, there is an effort to ensure they are made to feel that their work is important.

    As for the writing department, let us say that the attitude of that group is arrogant to say the least. I sadly had quite alot to do with them internally, working on thier material. When you are discussing how something should be translated into another language, you come across logic gaps and other things that show how weak the argument presented in the material is. This then has to be submitted to the writing department who need to oversee your amendments. their atitude, when you highlght erroneous interpretations of scripture, and credibility issues is something to see.

  • WTWizard

    God evicted the Canaanites for minding their own business instead of giving everything to Him. Minding one's own business--what a horrible sin.

  • hamsterbait

    This was in a Witchtower study in the 90s too.

    It is a word for word cut and paste. So much for noolite.


  • Walkin

    Paul, unknown to many is that sisters were used to write articles. Sister Anderson who served very close on the inside reveals much about this on her topics and post's.

    She was the one who found out about the child abuse cases when doing research for the society. Her and her husband were servants for over 60 years combined and still were disfellowshipped for speaking out about hidden child abuse cases that were being covered over, on Dateline.


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