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  • bereanbiblestudent

    The Watchtower site added a new function called lookup to find where the conventions are held and when.

    Do they not tell that at the Kingdom Hall?

  • Palimpsest

    A lot of people need to go to an alternate convention for health or family reasons, and some like to go to additional conventions. I remember they used to publish the full list in either the Watchtower or the KM, but that list only covered your own country and a couple international ones. So this is actually pretty helpful for people looking for that info...yet I can't imagine they'll encourage people to go on-line to find it, since that would involve using the dreaded Internet. ;)

  • 38wastedyears

    Do you have a link? I glanced around the site but couldn't find it anywhere.

  • Palimpsest

    Do you have a link? I glanced around the site but couldn't find it anywhere.

    It's the third tab at the top on the main page. Here's a direct link.

  • yesidid

    That's a bit of a worry.

    I clicked on it and it brought up my country.

    So they would know two things about me.

    1. I came from JWN

    2. My country of residence.


  • Palimpsest

    If you want to follow an anonymous link they can't easily track, go through instead. But really, virtually every site out there is able to log the site, ISP, and country from which you're coming. Even if you copy and paste a link into a new browser window, admins can still get basic information about you.

    Sorry if there's some type of taboo here against directly linking WTBTS sites, but from my browsing of previous threads, I figured it was fine. It looks like there are lots of links up to both and

  • yknot

    Well I noticed the number of conventions held are up from last year and they decided not to make the Okies drive to other states .....

    2010- 357 conventions in the US

    2009- 334 conventions in the US

    Yet there has been no mention of the theme........ (anyone know-- our SM announcements have only contained ltrs from CO and DF and Reinstates)

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